Sunday, June 5, 2011

jenni kayne: resort 2012.

 gotta love the brights incorporated.
wishing for warmer weather now.

the whole parallel look to this has got me stunned.
 yummeh wide leg pants.
would like to own them. to float in. and to swish about.
they look pretty swishable.

 definitely wanting a skirt or in fact a bright yellow dress which incorporates the same wide-leg look.
but bam. they're not pants. it's a dress.
[[i'm a bit tired, excuse me]]

in general, my tired mind is enjoying immensely the simplistic lines of this collection.
those brights are also on my mind.
my review on pirates coming soon - but it was AMAZING. that is all.



1 comment:

rachel kara said...

I love nothing more than an ankle biting pant length. great collection/