Sunday, June 27, 2010

my kids.

what i've been up to in my holidays so far. my kids: aka. my friends, like one big happy family. the photos are taken by miscellaneous members of the kids, while we sat and watched clerks and spongebob, listened to crazy good music, talked, laughed, loved, and most importantly lived. crazy kids? warm blankets? curling up? copious amounts of baked goods? winter holidays, thankyou. 
and eeyore on my head.
the aperture is a bit low, the lighting is weird, it's the memories, but it's something i want to remember. 

xx rena.

i'm wearing [what you can see]
1*a lovely blue knit from Junk Clothing
2*necklace from Glebe Markets

Friday, June 25, 2010

a little bit C.R.A.Z.Y

nostalgic, sad, delicate and sexy.

picture off google
those are the words i would use to describe this stylish film set in the 70's and 80's. it tells the story of a family in canada, [[it's in french]], the trials and tribulations of Zac being [[the main character]] homosexual in society back then, the way he deals with it, and a father learning to love his son and accept the way he is.

brotherhood, spiritual connections and all with glam rock playing in the background.
this was definitely the highlight of my day. if you're in the mood for sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll, french, and some deep issues, try this, you may just enjoy it. and the twist at the end, just a small one, is quite smart. or maybe you're a smarticle, and you're able to figure out halfway through the film.

clickety this link: C.R.A.Z.Y. [[2005]] directed by Jean-Marc Vallee.
it'll take you to imdb. read more there.

google search for pictures.

xx rena.

not to mention, today's the end of term two, time to get some good rest. perhaps if i'm bothered, i'll do some revision, not sure how likely that is though. so i'm happy happy today.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

new music. [and 2 weeks down the road]

hey guys. so today marks the 2 weeks since i've restarted my blog. and it's doing well! thankyou for your support.
over the past two days i've acquired some amazing music. 
something old, something borrowed and something new. how amazingly inspirational is the pixies album art? it makes my head swirls with ideas.

old: found infinity on high, fall out boy. at times i still enjoy rocking out to them, it brings back memories from when i first got the cd a few years ago. it has some crazy cool album cover.

borrowed: best of oasis from whatmore. [[oscar]]. one day, i hope to be able to play every part in wonderwall.

new: bought radiohead:  pablo honey + pixies: surfer rosa and come on pilgrim, + radiohead: ok computer [[from whatmore]]. updated band linkies, guys.

xx rena. how's everyone's week coming along? nicely?

all photos found on google search.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

fourth outfit post.

you might be thinking, i can't see her whole outfit. correcto-mondo. it's obscured, enjoy. here's the outfit post as promised, however i took it differently this time.

like how i've put them up in order of my body? head, shoulders, body, legs?

1*black friday chambray shirt
2*thrifted knit
3*handmade skirt [by me]
4*tights from dangerfield
5*ROC boots


ok, so i lied. i'll be putting up my outfit post in about 30 minutes. i just wanted to share with you a couple of photos from my half day at the markets yesterday. i hope you enjoy them! oh, and at the markets, i found radiohead's amnesiac album in mint condition, for just $5!
very happy with it.
just note that i've turned the saturation and contrast completely down. it's kinda a new obsession and experimental. thanks guys for 30 followers in a week and a half, keep reading!

xx rena. how's everyone's weekends?

Friday, June 18, 2010


not only is it a good song by passion pit, i'm also a tad tired today. so yes, i will be going off to bed right now.. it's 5:55 pm. joy. [[let's dance to joy division, a good song by the wombats.]]
photo of the wombats found on google
how's everyone's fridays? mine's been a tad hectic, but it also means i have no assessments left. just a darn science project. ehhh i've got the weekend.. but mold grows at an.. unknown rate. listen to the mentioned songs above, hope you'll enjoy them. getting a good dose of the RHCP too.

xx rena.

be expecting an outfit post when i wake up! whenever that will be..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

third outfit post. + a clothing bin.

1*bin at school
1*military green jacket from Junk Clothing
2*marbled jeans from Junk Clothing
4*new rock stomper boots
5*dangerfield nerd glasses

note: USCARI, Mid City, Sydney, will have very special guest Nicole Richie attending. one of my favourite up and coming brands with eccentric, unique designs.

xx rena.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


looking at these pictures i got off, some photos taken by a family friend, and the new resort collections, has got me thinking perhaps after july 15th [[the birthday]], spring should just come calling and have us all nice and warm again? selfish, perhaps? although i do enjoy winter fashion. maths assessment tomorrow! busy! 20 followers in about a week, thanks for the support guys!

1-3*Alexander Wang Resort 2011.
4-6*Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester [[]]
7-8*Photography by Albert [[wish i had the talent]]

xx rena.

*edit. just realised i chose relatively similar looks by alexander wang. woops.

Monday, June 14, 2010

high-pitched phenomenon.

so today one of my friends who listens to mainstream music told me there's another high-pitched phenomenon kid on the block. cody simpson. and his song called iYiYi? with flo-rida? what is this? some constantly growing crazy collaboration between black rapper/singers and white high-pitched boys? [[that was in no way intentionally racist, just saying]].
however, the hilarity of the situation is that both my friend and i thought cody simpson was about the same age as justin bieber. we found out that he is in fact 13, and so his high pitched voice is explainable. this got me thinking, now that it's acceptable for 16 year olds to sound like girls, it means that the music industry is just going to get younger and younger? this also means less crazy fan girls focused on real talent. like muse/radiohead

now let's see the similarities between cody simpson and justin bieber[[what i know, which is a tad limited]]

1*their high pitched voices
2*their collaborations with african-american black rappers of sufficient fame to have crazy screaming fan girls aged about 3-17 crazy for them
3*they were both found on youtube
4*they both have the backwards-lid look
5*they both have that. 'hair'

their differences

1/*we're unsure of whether justin bieber has gone through puberty or not, whereas knowing cody simpson is only 13 means he definitely hasn't.
2*bieber is brunette. simpson is blonde.
3*simpson is australian. bieber, american.

so the verdict for me, although i do not listen to their music, is that..

cody simpson is better! he's australian and has managed to branch out to the states etc, and i just think he's better looking? plus he's good at the guitar.. so is bieber. wouldn't know. don't care so much either. however they are just too similar in everything they do, congratulations australia for producing our answer to bieber. just calling out to the mother country [[great britain]] for theirs!

i just had to post about this, didn't i? have i been struck with bieber fever? no. because i don't know what they sing.. and i didn't know who cody simpson was until about 5 minutes ago.

xx rena. [[yes, i type fast]]

please note: everything i've typed is subjective, please don't feel offended in any way, i just found it an amusing topic.

both photos found on google.

*edit, friend just told me bieber is canadian, not american. woops.

happy birthday queenie.

dear queen elizabeth,

thankyou for having your birthday today, where in sydney the weather is super nice. and we have a holiday. happy birthday!
so i pull out my reusable cookie monster cupcake, which i found on google, and give it to you!

found on google

today got me thinking, every moment in life should be videoed, i'm feeling like this more and more often these days.

xx rena.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


hey guys,
this is like, my 3rd post in one day, but that's all cool because no one's really reading.. i feel a bit spasticated and cold. i just flicked the heater next to me on. because i'm cool like that. [[+ i also could've done that ages ago]]. umm. awesome? 
yes. i'm having a party tomorrow. to celebrate dear queen elizabeth's birthday. i think. no it's just a whole bunch of people at my house. which should be.. who knows, some of them i've only met once. quite dangerous. thinking about it now, somebody could be tracking my i.p. address and finding out where i live. like abby can do on ncis. she's my idol. 
it's ok, i rather do this than keep a diary, it's easier to type when your hands are cold. well, easier to type than write. 
so yes, i'm just blogging because i'd like to make a comment regarding colloquial language. note all that use of it in the first paragraph? [[because i'm cool like that?]]
yeah, i reckon the most prominent of my pet hates is lol. i'm not even used to typing it. do i sound cynical? meh. and the over-use of 'like' 'like this like that like, omygod, like did you hear about like..' LIKE GO AWAY.
yes, this is no longer a real fashion blog. it is also a life blog of ramblings. and my love for ncis. and hilar-being a cool term and a short version of having to type hilarity, because hilarious just doesn't cut it anymore.

speaking of which.. this is quite hilar, can you believe it exists? it reminds me of myself. ha, i just lol-ed. ew [[another one]]

xx rena. 
oh, and yes, i'm wearing green jeans at the moment, and flicking through the new resort 2011 that's coming through. 

still want.

piccy from the tony bianco website

i still want these, really, really badly, and it's been more than 2 months since they appeared on the tony bianco website. they are to die for. $189.95, the birthday's coming up though. i saw them at the mall a couple of days ago, they're even better in real life. i guess one can only dream.

xx rena.

bad blogger, + change.

yes.. this is just a picture i found on google, sorry for the pathetic-ness

ahhhh, the wonders of alliteration.. and yes, i have been. i went on my duke of edinburgh expedition. that was some kind of crazy involving a freak tide flood in the middle of the night where everyone ended up having to evacuate their tents and drag them 100 m. oh, and it was about 0 degrees at night. fun fun fun.
 and yes, some people did manage to get completely saturated, i guess i was a lucky one. perhaps i would've seen this coming had i read my horoscope prior to going on the camp. but i suppose it was a surprise. the stars out of the city are so amazing, the whole sky was twinkling. with dear lily we began to sing the lyrics to 'Yellow' by Coldplay, just the first phrases.. don't judge me! 

"look at the stars,
look how they shine for you,
and everything you do,
and it was all yellow..."

so there's a bit of inspiration for you!

anywho, i apologise for not posting.
oh, and i got a new canon 550D [[i.e. canon rebel t2i]] this weekend (: will be sharing with the sister, however she probably still enjoys mother's canon 5D mark ii more.

 hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

note: i changed my header!
xx rena.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

second outfit post.

1*cream auroville knit
2*russh high waisted shorts
3*vintage leather bag
4*roc boots
5*bowler hat
6*random bangles
xx rena.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

links for you + sarah's birthday.

photo found online
just wanted to let everybody know that i've set up a series of pages full of links including blogs that inspire me + are on my daily reading list. over time i will add to those lists, so watch those crazy spaces! unfortunately just for these pages, unless subjectively appealing, i do not wish to add links by request. hope that's ok.

+ another thing.

happy birthday to my friend sarah, who turns 15 today. 
happy birthday, crazy goose.

xx rena.

a big thanks to anastasia-evangaline [correct me if i'm wrong] from meet me on the runway for posting about me! means so much!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

die. [of excitement]

just discovered that muse is coming to sydney in december! this will have me waiting for the whole rest of the year! yep, i'm getting tickets! my friend is also planning to get us tickets to boys like girls in july for my birthday! excitement. music - life.

excited? hell yes.

xx rena.


listen, tune in.

1*high and dry-radiohead
2*two stones-hungry kids of hungary
3*the warmup-set sail [find them on facebook]
4*there is a light that never goes out-the smiths
5*all the kids-deep sea arcade

xx rena.

first outfit post.

1*black auroville knit
2*lace tights
3*pete collection white tank top
4*i love billy blaster boots.

xx rena.

i tried so hard, and got so far, but in the end, it doesn't really matter.

i could've died. but i didn't. today, the worst day of all, i was not only sick in bed but also accidentally deleted my old blog, which i had only been writing for a mere 3 months and had worked so hard to get 64 followers. sorry to start the first post on a sad note, but hey. some of you may know it, it was, this is a fresh breath of air, and i hope to get something else out of this now.

so a little bit about how i got the blog name, well, i'm born on the 15th of july, which makes me a cancer, and cancerians are known as moonchildren.

so you might recognise the post title as the lyrics of linkin park's song, in the end. funny thing, i didn't have that many followers, but i did have 40 + posts i'd like to get back.

hey, at least it was sunny for the first time in a few weeks today.

xx rena.