Saturday, November 24, 2012

thirty-ninth outfit post: the grounds of alexandria.

1*leather look shorts-socialight clothing
2*studded denim jacket-dad
3*shark tee-t-bar
4*nike air sneakers
5*thrifted bucket bag
took a little mid-day trip with the sister to the grounds of alexandria today.
best affogato in my life so far, as evident on my instagram.
just waiting to get my tan on for summer... 
courtney is wearing a leather tank by izzue, hk over a bassike tank top.
the aftermath of a kid's meal.
craving it again...



Friday, November 23, 2012

back up - wait wha-...

photo sourced somewhere on tumblr...

there's this rift i'm stuck in, somewhere between sentiment and reality. 
this conflicted dichotomy leads me onto two paths: one where i never cease to look back, and the other, on which i beg for history to commit not the fatal crime of repeating itself. 
yes, i'll readily admit, that is a fear of mine. 

and i'm not ever sure if there's a day that will come, when my head and heart align.
for it did once before, just once, when i was so sure about you.

and now it's as though the planets are shifting rapidly and i can no longer feel anything beyond numb.
it's this attempt at salvaging what could be, or admitting to oneself the true nature of what is.

but a fool i am, blinded by old flooding tears and lust. 

what next?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

try me.

the hsc is already getting to me. 
still, though, i'm happily snapping away.
first met nahualli whilst puff puff passin' away a couple of weeks ago at a party... good times.
way beyond her years in her mentality.
here are the shots from the shoot on friday night, when i finally took a break from a shocking week.

for now check me out here as well: