Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i'd buy a big house...where we both could live.

1*your song-ellie goulding or elton john
2*drift away-gray dobie or the rolling stones
3*beautiful world-carolina liar
4*just a boy-angus + julia stone
5*darkness within [acoustic]-machine head



Thursday, September 22, 2011

let me be neurotic.

heyhey, jules winfield.
pulp fiction.

apparently we always need something to talk about, a genre, a classification.
i mean, for this blog, i was going for the whole fashion bamflam whatever vibe, but obviously i turned to my comfortable roots in music. 
apparently we always need classification; so that we have a defined target audience, so that we get people to see what we write, what we're about, whatever.

which is why i sometimes wonder why i have a blog. 
because no matter what, if people see this, i will be judged, i will be criticised, and i know that, even as i'm typing this. 

and all i ever think is, what's the point.
and then i realise.


it's art.

and sometime's that's all we can really tell ourselves, and the most comfort we can give to ourselves.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

this weird feeling.

i have this feeling, like i'm forgetting something.
but i don't know what.

maybe the english essay that was due before work experience started...
oh well.

they're kinda freaking me out.
and i think i've been thinking too much, there's too much on my mind, it's painful and i can't sleep.

like, omg.

this font.
helvetica neue ultralight. 
my life, right there.
and yeah i made this because you know, i'm so f*cking tumblr worthy + alt. 

and here's my mantra for the holidays. 
by the way, it's never going to happen because i never do anything.
i'm a teenager, you people expect too much.
let me have my holden caulfield stage, i will be completely cynical and ignorant and for now i'm fine with that. [[see what i did there?]]

and that's me, everyday.

something i heard in the hallway a few days ago before school ended:

'like, omygod, you know, i always thought in up + go there were like, legit, real weetbix.'
[[for those of you who don't know what up + go is, it's an aussie breakfast supplement type drink]]


like, omygod, i always thought you'd sum up to nothing. 

here's to teenage misfortunes.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

like light to the flies.

here's a little playlist for you all...

1*last winter-fergus brown
'it's true that i'm in love with you, in just the way you want me to...'
2*willing to wait-sebadoh
3*can't take my eyes off you-muse
4*your song-kate walsh
5*shelter-the xx

a bit of an unrequited love vibe going on here.



oh... and for any heavy metal fans, the title is a song by one of my favourite bands, trivium.

Monday, September 19, 2011

new header.

hey look!

basically i started mucking around with basic adobe illustrator functions...

just to add to my lust for learning graphic design sometime in my near future. 
well, work wise, i've got some work experience lined up for the next week at a privately owned art gallyer, should be pretty exciting seeing everything that goes behind curation. 
hope you like my new header.
yes, i know, my posts lately are a bit bland, uninspiring + sporadic. i'll work on it, my spring break is coming up.
[[that sounded a little american]].



Monday, September 12, 2011

somebody, convince me of my sanity.

went shooting on the weekend, was quite fun. 
however, i love my digital stuff, my experimentations with film so far have been... half and half.
yes, julius is in a bin. apparently, therefore, your argument is invalid.
trip photos, credit to julius.
somebody convince me i'm not crazy for calling these people friends.
is that a... yes, a machete.
think it was the last trip those shoes took.