Thursday, December 27, 2012

past escapades.

dug these photos that i never sorted out when they were part of my present.
it's all in the past now, it's all through.
life... gives us chances to
forgive, forget, and to forge anew.

[just don't look back].

Friday, December 14, 2012

choked up. [haha].

so puntastic...
i'm wearing:
1*green choker-markets
2*baby tokes tee-t-bar
and ca$h monay because i wish i had some.

no, but really... i'm drowning in work please somebody save me.
apologies for not having a more interesting life to blog about...
[i'm thinking this will change very soon, i'll make time management my "thing" and get to it.]
promises promises.

no promises.



Saturday, November 24, 2012

thirty-ninth outfit post: the grounds of alexandria.

1*leather look shorts-socialight clothing
2*studded denim jacket-dad
3*shark tee-t-bar
4*nike air sneakers
5*thrifted bucket bag
took a little mid-day trip with the sister to the grounds of alexandria today.
best affogato in my life so far, as evident on my instagram.
just waiting to get my tan on for summer... 
courtney is wearing a leather tank by izzue, hk over a bassike tank top.
the aftermath of a kid's meal.
craving it again...



Friday, November 23, 2012

back up - wait wha-...

photo sourced somewhere on tumblr...

there's this rift i'm stuck in, somewhere between sentiment and reality. 
this conflicted dichotomy leads me onto two paths: one where i never cease to look back, and the other, on which i beg for history to commit not the fatal crime of repeating itself. 
yes, i'll readily admit, that is a fear of mine. 

and i'm not ever sure if there's a day that will come, when my head and heart align.
for it did once before, just once, when i was so sure about you.

and now it's as though the planets are shifting rapidly and i can no longer feel anything beyond numb.
it's this attempt at salvaging what could be, or admitting to oneself the true nature of what is.

but a fool i am, blinded by old flooding tears and lust. 

what next?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

try me.

the hsc is already getting to me. 
still, though, i'm happily snapping away.
first met nahualli whilst puff puff passin' away a couple of weeks ago at a party... good times.
way beyond her years in her mentality.
here are the shots from the shoot on friday night, when i finally took a break from a shocking week.

for now check me out here as well:

Monday, October 29, 2012

the sweet life.

shot sophie around her home yesterday afternoon - luckily the sun came out to play for us.
stylist: me, courtney zheng.



Monday, October 22, 2012


i did not inherit these genes it seems!
took these photos about 3 weeks of ago of my beautiful sister. makeshift lighting... and the black background... a secret.
lately i've been delving into exploring the darker tones and moods that are presently discoverable in photography. perhaps i'm also seeking new inspiration... and working more precisely, but nonetheless experimentally with light.



find more of my photography on my facebook page.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

no respect for the queen.

youth these days.
had so much fun shooting with ari. tree climbing model/wanderlust.
i think what hanging out with ari made me realise is that we succumb far too often to societal limitations. [oh jeez, a f*ck the system post... again]
no, really though. it was so much easier that day to forget any inhibitions and just snap away, even though there were hundreds of judgmental eyes and tourists milling around, it seems as though we weren't disturbed at all, this being in the middle of the sydney cbd....


Friday, October 5, 2012

brand: AVE.

A while back I had the pleasure of receiving an email from creator of up-and-coming label, 'AVE.', [pronounced avenue], Sarah Taylor.

She presents to us:

'De Stijl' 

 the latest Summer 2013 collection from AVE. 

"This season the collection has drawn influences from Mondrian and the neoplasticism art movement."

The new collection is described as "a lot more masculine", and "more focused on fabric selection than the previous season: most of the fabrics are silk tulle, silk organza, and linen."

1*So tell us Sarah, how did you get into designing?

I dreamed of designing clothes since I was a kid. I knew about East Sydney Tech in high school and that it was the only place to go to become a fashion designer! 
After graduating from East Sydney I starting designing for Mambo, then after a year styling in New York I came back to Sydney and started and Insight then Zimmermann. 

2*When did AVE. start up?

AVE. was always what I wanted to do so with a push from one of my fashion buyer sister I launched the debut S/S 2011 collection at Gaffa Gallery during RAFW 2011.

3*What is your favourite upcoming/current style trend?
Plastic and tailored sportswear - I love contrasting beautiful delicate fabrics with unconventional materials. Tailored sportswear is just so wearable and looks great on the body, it's fun pair them with outrageous pieces and denim. 

4*Who is your ideal AVE. girl?
Clemence Posey - fresh faced, chic and has her own style.

5*Where do you see AVE. the label in 5 years time?

Hopefully London Fashion Week - it would be an honor to show AVE. there. 
Also having a great and developed team on board in the studio would be fantastic!

6*How would you describe an ordinary day at the AVE. office?
 The studio is in sunny Bondi Beach so I like to wake up and go for a walk or swim to clear my head then come back, check my favourite blogs and websites then get on with emails, product orders and deliveries. Some days I have more time to sketch and draw inspiration from my large book collection or just have a lazy day and get up late thinking about all the work I should be doing!

exciting things bondi-born and bred: hits home hard. 
can't wait to see what the label has to offer in the future.

find AVE. online here



Thursday, October 4, 2012


it's a funny thing.

once you know, it's hard to forget.
can you force yourself out of remembering?

not the last time i checked...

now two years ago, i wrote this poem... it was about my sister's friend who at the time was only 13.
it’s over now. and you won’t remember,
you won’t recall your dress, your shoes. 
your make up. the vodka a burning ember.
or even that mysterious bruise. 
and they all knew as the night progressed,
the shattering pain that was to come.
the vomit splattered across your chest,
your heart no longer a steady drum.
and how did you get down those stairs?
how did you manage to leave?
the ambo’s helped you past those chairs,
you are just too naive.
no one’s ever going to trust you now,
how much freedom did you think they’d allow?

and it reminds me of just being a teenager. 
every road we walk is "the same" but these roads we take diverge into different paths.
every mental journey is varied, and even if we take the same basic route, the experience is altered by
the way we perceive things.

and the way we react? undetermined. 

and so we experiment, here and there, with substances, with people, with what we expose ourselves to... all just to live up to the idea of "how it is".
time, perhaps, then to realise, that we are the ones who lay out how it is: whether we are conscious of it or not.
we have leeway though. i think we all know that. and for some of us it might mean taking it to the extreme: all or nothing: trying everything, or closing all of it out.
for others, it's about moderation... but sometimes that's not good enough the other half.

hey, each to their own.

and i can't really remember how i was before this... not unless i know it again.



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

'perfection is pain.'

a shoot i did with viola trying out something new... 
movement and something more collection/set-based.

been busy shooting these holidays... but now that the final year of school is coming up, 
let's see how it goes...



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

holiday tendencies.

a more colourful shoot with catherine in the suburbs from the other day.