Tuesday, October 26, 2010


inconsistent little blogger, i have been. 
well, since i've almost hit 150 followers, i'm going to think up of an awesome giveaway. this is the greatest honour, you know? just because i have another 150 people in the world whom choose to follow me and listen to my endless rambling. honestly, this isn't really a fashion blog, is it? it's sort of like my window out of here. so that while i watch the sky melt to orange, i can post pictures of adventures i have taken around my house. because sometime's life's sweet like that.

i've also had to have my computer re-fixed over and over again.
life gives you mediocrity like that, you know. [oh how philiosophical, rena]
one rule of sanity: do not refer to yourself in the 3rd person. 
ahh, i guess you're reading the words of an insane child, i guess. 
there's a little too much noise with these pictures, they're rather abstract.
my exam block is coming up, hence the irregularity of my posts. i hope you all are having a wonderful october, whether or not that may or may not be grammatically correct.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

life by song.

i got this photo off someone's tumblr, but i'm not sure whose. this is just proof that tumblr means poor souls don't get the credit they deserve. well, anywho. using this application called Poladroid my best friends Catherine and Claudia showed me, i simply dragged the photo onto the little Polaroid camera that comes up, and voila! it turns into this! but it's really nothing compared to the real thing.

well, here's a short 5 song playlist for everybody. 
the reason for the title is the fact that i've realised i live life according to the length of a song, and not by minutes. 
e.g. i'll have my laptop in the bathroom while i'm showering. i'll have my iTunes, on which i have a shower playlist [usually punk songs that are loud enough to be heard while i'm in the shower], and whenever i don't wash my hair, it takes 4-5 minutes for a shower. when i do, it takes around 10-12. i encourage everyone to take shorter showers, it's eco friendly. while you're at it, for any australian girls out there, check out 1 Million Women, it's an awesome campaign. 
well, back on topic, i usually listen to 1 song when i don't wash my hair, and 2-3 when i do. funny that, hey? and when i want to make a plan to tell myself to start homework, i choose one playlist, and once it's over, i shut my computer and do work [that doesn't involve a laptop]
pretty kick-ass, eh?

1*cool as kim deal-the dandy warhols
2*just like heaven-the cure
3*came back today-young revelry
4*sunshine-all american rejects
5*wish you were here-pink floyd


Friday, October 15, 2010

marshmallow dreams.

the kingdom. oh how you will watch it grow...
so since my last few posts have been, well, rather mediocre, i figured [[not really]] that i'd post something interesting. actually, it's just that my life has come down to 3 hours of nonsensical tv i now regret, and succumbing to the idea of creating marshmallow/film can towers featuring my chloe and marc jacobs daisy perfume. oh, and totoro and eeyore plush toys. girls will be girls.
 what's that you say? my daisy is running out. oh i know! i've been using over the past year and a half, so  i guess it's been a while...

 all original photography.

don't worry, it's just cold medicine for the flu. -smiley-
i hope you're inspired by my marshmallow photos... and the two coolest handmade rings on earth.


i also think it's time for a new blog header... perhaps i'll use one of these photos...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


not sure about the trousers price wise, but the jacket is 86.99USD. 
necklace is 28.99, which i quite like.
hey all,
sadly, i've fallen ill with influenza. therefore i have not the energy to assemble my camera and tripod, nor the face, to shoot you a quick outfit post. although my idea was cool, and being sick probably enhanced the effect, my muscles are aching, so i'll have to postpone it for some other day. 
meanwhile i've done some browsing on two Korean-based online shopping websites, storets.com and yesstyle.com 

check out these trousers! 45.99USD. i want an outfit post like this, but my hair won't go like that. oh well, i prefer my hair grungey as opposed to curlygirly..
one of my friends suggested yesstyle.com to me a while back, and they awesomely enough have an australian website too! as for storets, they always have affordable basics i like to take a look at.
*please note i never buy any clothing. but if i were to, these look like pretty reasonable prices -smiley-

here's a clearer picture of the necklace, 28.99USD if not, head onto the storets.com website.
it's in the sale section!

55.80USD, 66.96AUD.
i love the colour of this blouse! if i can't find one here, i'm going to buy this one. [[it's off yesstyle.com]]
i'm pretty sure the fits on both websites are relatively small, so i'm not sure how i would go. [[i'm not the typical petite asian]] *i'm not one prone to stereotyping, but in this case it's reflexive. 


*i usually don't look on Korean websites, but there are some nice basics/generic styles that everyone has as staple pieces. plus, they're really good with their shoots, they have extremely detailed/multiple photos of each style and colour, almost like when you're purchasing shoes online. did i mention, i also like checking American Apparel for basic pieces i can manufacture. myself. with a sewing machine. my heads' in another world today. double rainbow! [[i'm so obsessed, it gets me high, i'm not sure why]] [[that rhymed, i'm a genius]] [[that's self conceited]]

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

brand: Dear Creatures.

sadly, it's not fall here in Sydney anymore, although i must say the weather right now is reminiscent of the winter that just passed. crazy storm weather, alternating between sunny/stormy. where is the double rainbow? [[reference here to the youtube video, yes. if you haven't seen the yosemitebear mountain guy, click here]]

 i actually wanted these cute photos up quite a while ago, just never got around to looking through my folders, until today.
i've got a cool idea for an outfit post, might try it out tomorrow! 


Monday, October 11, 2010

spring rtw 2011. part 1.

1, 2, 3 - acne.

4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - wunderkind.

9, 10, 11, 12 - alex wang.
all photos off style.com
here are the first few looks i like from spring 2011. definitely going drapey for spring and summer. yay!
thanks to wunderkind, i'm now really liking alice-who-fell-down-the-rabbit-hole shapes, and that circus tent red/white combination. i think it's already starting to get too hot for layering, but i'm going to dig those sheer pieces of mine out from the bottom of my drawers!

how was everybody's start-to-the-week.

toodles! + yay for a lot of hyphenation. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

band: Young Revelry.

talk about obsession!
this perth 4-piece are all the rage on triple j unearthed at the moment. and with good reason to be! 
jamming out awesome tunes similar to those of Queens of the Stone Age, the Pixies [[typical me]], Smashing Pumpkins and the Jesus and Mary Chain, i'm totally in love. this is the sound i want to hear. this is the sound i hope to make.

my mission is to get the chance to interview them. [[i'm trying, believe me!]] 
if you're loving them like me, find them on iTunes or try
here on triple j unearthed where you can download 3 mp3's of their funky tunes. 
i'm wanting the EP in CD version, so i'll be checking out stores this weekend, hopefully Red Eye Records, if i have the time.
while you're at it snoop around on triple j unearthed for the RAPIDS, my fellow Sydney-siders [[although i feel underaged+inadequate to call them anything more closely related to a band i'm really enjoying]]

toodles, and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


yes, for any fellow ausstralians, watch out for band of the day the newest, coolest, if i may say so. music initiative out there. daily, the website updates the website with the chosen band, and the favourite songs.
i'll be watching them, definitely a new bookmark. 

today, it's the white stripes.

check them out on facebook, too.
[[i'm back on for the holidays, not sure how to feel about it. it's funny because i'm not using it as much, but i promise i'll deactivate when i get back to school]].


*edit* i had a little freak out just about 25 minutes ago, when i listened to comeback by grinspoon, looked at the time, and it was 11:54. six to twelve, which is also the album the track is from.
i know. -freakout- i just had to share that with everyone... didn't i?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

fifteenth outfit post.

 this is the 15th outfit post! that's one outfit post for every year of my life, now.
not going to ramble on like i have been doing in the past few days.
i'm wearing...
1*generic grey shirt
2*checkered shirt from father
3*jeans from father
4*new rock stomper boots


Friday, October 1, 2010

[[treasure]] hunt.

first picture that comes up when you search 'the dandy warhols come down' in google

i need more of these songs.
which songs, you ask?
songs that make seriously cool references to the bands i love.
reason for the dandy warhols cover?
their song from their album "The Dandy Warhols Come Down"
it's called "Cool As Kim Deal".
and who is kim deal?
the bassist for the Pixies, of course.
[[saves you a google search-up]]
and why have i only discovered it now, you're wondering? probably because while looking for my mother's birthday present today [[it's officially a painting, by yours truly, and i'll take a picture for you after it's dried [[it's oil paint, and her birthday's tomorrow, -insert worry here-]] but it's all nice and based on a red/pink/orange/white palette]] i took a spontaneous trip to the cd store, looked through the Dandy Warhols, found the song, almost squealed, slapped myself for not knowing previously, and subsequently posted it on my blog. [[now]]

*side note* see what i've done with the brackets in between brackets in the middle of a really long sentence? it's pay back for all the times i've gotten lost while attempting to read a passage like that.

another one i know of is a song by The Wombats, i'm pretty sure i've suggested in a previous 5-song playlist,
called "Let's Dance to Joy Division"
[[oh yes, it's here]] [[it's a 2 song playlist]]
Joy Division was my life for a few weeks some months back.

anyone know any seriously good ones?
oh, and preferably in the alternative/indie rock genre.
[[all that while sitting here wondering what i'm going on about, and hopefully noticing i'm finally starting use capitals]] [[hi-5 for random capitalisation]]

oh yes, that's the other thing. don't you find this really unattractive, yet somehow all these people find it cool?
hElLo. that's not random. there's a pattern.
ReNA is random. i think. [[haha, yes i am!]]
[[allow me to sit here and ramble, and laugh at ReNA, which i now realise has a double meaning]] [[i'm a genius]]
wow, a lot of self-conceited praise tonight.

toodles! [[that's the new sign off]]

[[i'm sorry about all the rambling, Where Is My Mind?]]
^that's your cue to listen to the song^
oh, and why on earth it is a Placebo version? well, it's a live Placebo version, and Frank Black is on stage, and it makes me cry watching it, wanting to be there oh so terribly badly. [[oh, and if you listen to Placebo singing it on an actual recording, don't. they killed it]]
 [[and don't get me started about missing out on the Pixies while they toured in Sydney earlier on this year in march]]