Friday, November 26, 2010

the trials and tribulations of prancing around.

 so this is in fact an outfit post. but of multiple outfits.
with the same pair of pants. 
i had a lot of spare time [[not really]] to kill today. actually, i just wanted to avoid practicing for my piano exam tomorrow. and my chinese exam. 
hope you enjoy the semi-sunlit photos. unfortunately, just as i got home the clouds came across and it was slightly overcast... so my photos are sadly not completely sun drenched.
i should go frolicking about my garden more often!


 now what is going on here?
 a little uppity?

 my my, the grass looks lush.

all my pretty sheers on the line...

so above is...
1*russh clothing drawstring jacket
2*thrifted blue polka dot blouse
3*russh clothing sheer white shirt
4*junk clothing lace up tank top
5*junk clothing vest
6*uscari simple tank
7*basic ribbed black tank top
8*thrifted white knit [[it's now got a hole in it...]]
9*black pants from father [[like jeggings, only... not]]
10*white converse chuck taylors low
1*tony bianco nemesis in stone chicago

toodles, happy weekend, all!

sorry about my overgrown jungle of a garden... the mower has broken down... 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

just so you know.

you can also find me on tumblr, which is full of my own original material, no reblogging.
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i swear swear swear i'll find a good giveaway. with all the recent happening's i'm not exactly the party animal right now.

i sound bitter. so be it.


oh, and here's a repetitive, non-rhyming poem...

It doesn’t matter that the ground is cold,
It doesn’t matter that the ground is hard.
It matters that you can’t feel yourself,
Between the tears.

It’s when you lose yourself,
In all the confusion.
When you finally stop to ask yourself,

That moment, the one moment,
When what you thought would be warm arms to run into,
The moment it turns to dust and rubble.

The hour it hurts so much,
Is the hour you cry your heart out.
The hour you lie by yourself,
There’s silence.

The days you’ll waste,
Thinking about all those times.
The times you loved everything,
Without a single doubt.

The weeks it’ll take,
The weeks you know it will take,
For just some of the pain to dull,
For your pillow to stop wiping away your tears.

The time it’ll take,
For you to stop crying yourself to sleep.
The time it’ll take,
For your battered heart to pick itself up.

i don't know what to call it...
any ideas? this is usually my saying 'hey, it rhymes, i'm a lyrical genius'
but sometimes in life there is no rhyme, and no reason. so for no reason i made this poem  unrhyming. take that, word, i'm just going to add my own vocab.
gah, this blog is just turning into some depressed chick who listens to random music's place of whining. a whinehouse. [[harharharharhar...]] i'll pick myself back up soon. i think.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

deal with it.

photo by my best friend, catherine, while we were on camp. again.
oh, and what could this be?
another lost cause, perhaps even a completely stupid one.
i'm just a teenager. but just because i'm a teenager, it doesn't mean that i don't have feelings. in the best way to say this, i have feelings, i just don't know how to deal with them properly. yet. 
so looking at that, you can probably guess what's going on, right?
for those who laugh, or those who dismiss lost cases of teenage love, either you've forgotten how much it seemed to hurt when it happened to you, or you've never felt it.
what feeling? when it's tearing at you from the inside, and you can't save yourself. 
when he gives you the world's most recycled reason. 
when you're completely alone, and the only thing you want is a hug. from him. 
it's so close, but it's so far away. in your mind you know the impossibility it is.
the worst thing is, we're both just confused. couldn't it have waited? patience?
ironically, i'll probably look back on this and laugh. a lot. but there's a side of me that will never forget, unless i become an amnesiac. 

and your friends tell you it's not the end of the world. 
you tell them you know it's not, but who are you trying to convince?
and even more importantly, what are you going to do when for half a year, he was your world?


lucky for me, time's healing these wounds fast, and i'm already starting to resuscitate myself, sensibly.
there's nothing else i can do. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

band: rockets.

just a bit of friday night aussie talent for you all.
i'm loving their catchy lyrics and that slightly distorted/twangy guitar sound.
and the fact that they're making me feel a little bit better while all this crap goes through my mind.
well don't they just look like they've had a huge load of fun already?

looking forward to their EP. [[hey hey, he's wearing a nebula shirt]]
check them out now on triple j unearthed and myspace!


Monday, November 15, 2010

eighteenth outfit post.

wonderful, these days of almost-liberation.
more time to take photos of myself...
excuse the hair... it's a tragedy.

 good thing it's almost the holidays. i kind of look like i'm puking here...

 i'm wearing...
1*russh clothing bustier
2*subtitled shirt
3*russh clothing maxi skirt
4*oversized knit by stage 2
5*bone necklace from the markets
6*bracelets from the markets

the skirt is absolutely divine. 
it's actually a body con skirt with a longer piece of sheer fabric over the top. 
so it turns into a maxi, but it's perfect for an australian summer, i don't have to traipse around in a super thick skirt, but i don't have to compromise for length, genius. 
did i mention it's super comfy?


still finding something for a giveaway...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


spring is finally drawing to an end, and living here in sydney means summer's starting to hit us hard.
that's why, after all my exams, i had a completely carefree day at the beach today. booyah. the taste of liberation.
check out these few shots.
oh yeah, and another piece of exciting news.

it's the moonchild's 100th post. 

to celebrate i will obviously hold a giveaway soon.
maybe these pictures will give you something of a clue.

right there in the left hand corner is the world's biggest split end.
silhouette of the area.


quick sketch.

hey all,
this is what i spent my primary hours of freedom doing. random sketching at 2 in the morning. lovely.
i don't know what it is. scanned, it doesn't have the same effect. so it may have been a 'quick sketch' but it still took me 10 minutes to do the repetitive detailing on the hill. was worth it though. it's still a bit rough around the edges.
think you can tell it's a landscape?
oh, and can someone pretty please link me/explain to me how the heck i can get this to look digital on photoshop?
hoping somebody can help. i'm thinking of setting up a 'question of the week' or something corny like that on the side of my page. we'll see.

we're drawing closer to my 100th post, comrades. i believe this is the 99th. watch this space, there'll soon be an awesome giveaway of some sort.
so now that it's 20 past 2 in the morning, i think i'm just going to head off to bed. may or may not get carpal tunnel syndrome from all those lines...


oh, and if you're wondering, yes, my primary medium is black ball point pen. blue is a hideous colour, no offence. actually, if you are offended. eh.

oh, and one more thing...

i'm free motherf*ckers!
that was uncalled for and extremely rude, but for another 7 or so months, i'm free! the strange feeling of liberation has gotten me ruder and perhaps cruder.
it may also be the ungodly hour.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


photo by my best friend, catherine, while we were on camp.

today i’m not ready to take on responsibility.
 for once just let it go. 
i’m not ready for the confines of being grown up. 
so for now just let me be so. 

just a little something i made and posted on tumblr a few minutes ago. [[sad, this conformity, i know]]
the truth is, that. that is the truth. 
i wake up thinking one day, maybe, i'll just realise the importance of some things. maybe i'll just start to understand why. what you don't realise, is that i already do, and have, for along time.
it's because other times, i can't do anything but choose not to care. and only when i step back do to take a look do i realise the sheer stupidity of some of my actions. 
but maybe it hit me today when i was on the phone and my younger sister told me to get off. funny thing is, i haven't used the phone for a long time. even funnier is how i so easily let my little sister trample over my emotions and ruin my day. far out. she told me to take some responsibility, to grow up, and take some of  the stress off of my mom's shoulders. and if i were as mature as she is, i probably would have listened. but i'm still awake despite everything, even though i know i have my english, as well as my latin exam tomorrow. that's right, latin.
eugepae! [[hurray]]
i'm going to write a history practice essay tomorrow night. i haven't done anything. this feels bad. crap. 
it's like i just had an epiphany amidst writing this. 


i hope you've realised the irony of the picture i've used today: simply because it seems to have no confines, contradictory to my subject matter... i had my art exam today. never thought i'd be writing so much in the short little hour that it was.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


a somewhat obscured image of my new pinstripe mid-waist shorts.
they were $49.95, and i used a gift card given to me to purchase them.
i decided it was whatever as soon as i walked into the certain department store...
unimpressed by the lack of effort given by the shop assistants, 
i gave up and just decided to not give a damn.
 i decided on a basic summer necessity. meh. i don't really give a damn when it comes to my clothes, basically because my wardrobe is free, anyway. leave me a comment if you want me to elaborate.


i'm all ears for pink floyd today. there's a certain aura around me today.

Monday, November 8, 2010

thuper kewte.

yes, the point of the title was to think i was using a naive voice to say 'thuper kewte'
totoro + my new sockles. super cool.
so i did my maths exam today. no looking back, just that i know i got a bad mark. not to be pessimistic or anything...

2*old money-hungry kids of hungary [[going to see them this friday, i think]]
3*la mer-francoise hardy [[with much love from my friend, dehlia]]
4*moonshadow-cat stevens
5*seventeen-JET [[bit mainstream for me? no, they're awesome Australian talent]]

toodles, and happy week to all.

oh, and please don't hesitate to follow me on Bloglovin' and

Sunday, November 7, 2010


my daria dvd box set arrived. yay. 
arrival of daria + math = procrastination.

so, look! these shoes are divine! and, they're from rubi shoes, and all at the same price point:
ok, so i was thinking, i haven't got any summer shoes. i think after this week of exams, i'm going to treat myself to both.. as in, the cream pair, and the black wedge-booties. they're so cute. and evidently wang inspired. so i'm thinking the top pair aren't that great now, and i'm set on the last two. to dig up my pocket money. i need $80...
i'm never one who just randomly thinks to splurge so randomly. but math cramming is making my thought pattern irrational. [[how ironic]]


Saturday, November 6, 2010

seventeenth outfit post.

saturday night. raining again. so i went indoors.
i put the effort in to shoot another outfit post. woop.
dude, it's called procrastination. psh.

 1*blue collared shirt from salvos
2*black pants from dad
3*neckace made by me [[customised my rings]]
4*lucy boots by rubi shoes