Wednesday, December 28, 2011

name change.

so i was snooping around on my blog settings today and realised that my previous url,
'' really annoyed me in that i didn't own a url that really fit to the blog properly.
i've decided to let one part go and embrace another part of me.

welcome to the rocker child's blog.
rock on hard.

hope this doesn't disturb my blog traffic. [haaaaaa, what blog traffic?] 
[someone said blog traffic? we don't get that round here...]


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i guess the cliff was not enough.

here are the rest of the photos from my shoot with gracie the other week. 
a mix of ksubi and sass and bide, outfit wise. 

x, R.

Monday, December 19, 2011

songs that fit in certain parts of movies...

i don't know why, but i felt like summing something up today.

the beginning:
1*song 2-blur
2*lorelai-fleet foxes
3*kids with guns-gorillaz [especially for ones based in big cities]

a sad scene:
1*stairway to heaven-led zeppelin
2*believe-the red jumpsuit apparatus
3*don't cry-guns n' roses

a happy scene:
1*that 70's song-the cab

scenes where the cast is high:
1*i am the walrus-beatles
2*lots of pink floyd

teenage angst:
1*clint eastwood-gorillaz [also good for midnight city-walking scenes]
2*can't buy me love-the beatles

totally rich and famous:
1*dare-the gorillaz

break up:
1*forever young-bob dylan
2*how to say goodbye-paul tiernan
3*thinking about you-radiohead

running away from home:
1*easier to lie-aqualung
2*asleep-the smiths

unrequited love:
1*strange&beautiful [i'll put a spell on you]-aqualung
2*desperado-the eagles
3*glass parade-the cary brothers

badass scene:
1*mk ultra-muse
2*supermassive black hole-muse
3*get on top-red hot chili peppers

scenes where they're in love:
1*let's stay together-al green
2*i want to hold your hand-the beatles
3*toothpaste kisses-the maccabees

the end:
1*never let you go-evermore
2*iris-goo goo dolls
3*hallelujah-jeff buckley

hope you guys listen up, it's a nice little playlist, i hope.

x, r.
and i still haven't, and might never, get the one thing i wanted this year.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

say we could've died...

here are the first lot of photos from my shoot yesterday with the lovely miss franki.
let's just say we were on the wrong side of the fence.
enjoyed the time hanging off the edge of the cliff... it wasn't exactly the safest shoot i've ever attempted in my life.
they're organised so that these are all portrait in orientation, and my final batch will be landscape. 

all photography by yours sincerely. enjoy!



Thursday, December 1, 2011

summer projects.

tomorrow's my last day as a year 10 student.
don't know how i feel about this, but i'm glad it's the first day of summer today, anyway. 
so i suppose i have a bucket list of things to do for this upcoming season.

1*improve on my photography.
2*improve on my painting, drawing + writing. 

3*go hiking in tibet with the father.

4*create some punk inspired d.i.y pieces of denim clothing, weather allowing, of course.

5*practice on my kit a little more often now that my friend lent his double kicks to me.

6*skate down campbell parade as often as possible.

7*read more than a few classic novels.

is 7 a lucky enough number? i wanted to round it off but i guess that's not going to happen tonight.