Saturday, July 31, 2010

last day of july.

hey guys,

so today i saw two boys and a box again, and this time the guitarist/singer was wearing a ramones shirt. [[last time the boy on the box was wearing a pink floyd shirt]]. they are my local idols.

mother suspiciously: what are those bottles?
me: ch'i
mother: they're not alcohol, are they?
me: no mom, it's a herbal drink
mother: i'm more worried about that than alcohol...
don't judge me, the drink is yummy. and plus it's not like overload on it...or do i?

listen to...

1*white bitz-alien space bats australian band, they're very radiohead-ish
2*never better-the frail marys 
3*golden fields-the founds
4*ava adore-smashing pumpkins
5*my iron long-radiohead

happy weekend!

xx rena.

*edit: i'm currently watching the rugby, and getting SERIOUSLY confused. somebody explain, please?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

seriously, take it off.

this is probably old news, but today i saw a picture of kesha plastered up by the school radio room, wearing a death to the pixies shirt. so, instead of being angry right then and there [[which i was, anyway]], i decided to leave myself a mental note to look further into it.
 turns out she also cropped it into a tank. does this mean i can't wear my death to the pixies shirt without making some connotation of trying to be kesha-esque? turns out while visiting a little beach not far from where i live, it's not actually little, it's bondi beach, and it was in march, kesha managed to come up with the atrocity of wearing an obviously customised pixies shirt [[which i don't really mind]] over some dreadful swimwear. 
and truthfully, it's not that at all. it's the fact that kesha's music takes absolutely no stylistic influences whatsoever from the pixies. so whether she actually listens to them or not, it wouldn't matter, because she's currently scarring the world with the music she makes. [[this is solely subjective, please take no offence, i know she's pretty famous at the moment]]
yes, i'm a die hard alternative fan. honestly, if i see her wearing a radiohead tee shirt, or nirvana, or floyd, i will be seriously, seriously annoyed. confronting pictures, no? not a very pretty sight... you don't say. i wish wish wish a wave of mutilation came by to wash her away, or even that a monkey could take her to heaven. anything. and yes, i agree, what was ironic, has now become seriously literal. 

xx rena.

photos found on zimbio via google search.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ninth outfit post.

i'm wearing...

1*russh geometric mesh top
2*junk cut out jeans
3*rmk black pumps 
4*glove from dangerfield
5*bracelet given to me by a friend

so i got bored, and decided that oh, since i've so dutifully finished my english and maths homework, i may as well take some shots. the camera wasn't being nice to me... but nonetheless, here we go. i originally had an outfit on with pigtails/pink floyd shirt/shorts, but i decided to save it, since the shoes my daddy got me haven't arrived yet, i know what they are, so i'm quite the excited one for that.
sorry about the shotty last photo, as mentioned previously, the camera wasn't being nice to me!
excited for what dad's sent me? you'll see, soon enough (:

xx rena.

Monday, July 26, 2010

it gives me something to work with.

i just realised how great photography is. i mean, it gives you something to work with when it comes to blogging, and keeps everything interesting. well, that's how it seems with me anyway! and i hope it does. 
it was my friend dehlia's party yesterday, and though she isn't jewish, one of our friends brought a babka because my best friend catherine [[who is asian]] wanted one there.. just a dose of daily randomness for you there.
so as you all know, i went and saw inception yesterday, and while i was out and about i managed to get some happy snaps! not to mention i had to sit in the hair salon listening to three of my guy friends complain about their acne.. oh joy. [[no, i didn't get a haircut, well, i did actually, but that was 3 weeks ago]]

tom's hair..
do you see it? it's a floydywoydy shirt! amazing! and he was tapping out some awesome beats on that box of his! (:

xx rena.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

eigth outfit post.

so i thought i'd try out this nude palette today, but i ended up putting a vintage effect on it [[using iPhoto, my rate of bother wasn't very high]]
hope you enjoy! 

i watched inception today [[and got pretty cream-coloured knee high socks]], it's so freaking amazing! i'm totally watching it again, because of it's thrilling use of slow motion and the fact that joseph gordon-levitt is in it. he's my favourite character, and i swear it's not because he's tom in [[500]] days of summer. promise promise promise. he's my new favourite actor, i reckon. but seriously, the movie is intense. it requires concentration. there are so many layers, so much to understand, so much intense emotion. definitely my type of film. [[i've been raised watching action movies]] seriously, i suggest everyone to get out there, and go see it!

i'm wearing...

1*shirt dress from dad
2*knee high socks from rubi
3*nemesis wedges by tony bianco
4*thrifted gold boho bangles
5*cream ring from mom [[available at mirage boutiques around australia]]

xx rena.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

feiyue. tone down. [[beware: rant ahead]]

don't tell me they're mens shoes, i know, but i still love them. feiyue, sounds asian, but they come from france! 
 i cannot fathom how comfortable these look, and they even have the same roots as me - shanghai! that makes me happy, and it's also an incentive to get a pair.
[[honestly, i'm 15, if i don't feel fabulous i'm not going to pull of a fabulous outfit, because frankly, i don't have to]] 
if you knew me in real life, and please don't judge, you probably would've seen me in something like a flannel, a tee shirt, green jeans, and my converse, which i live in. [[but only once, people know me as the one who will never wear the same thing twice]] which is why i think a pair of these would make my outfit so much more unique. with skinny jeans. i just think that a nice pair of sneakers would do me good, i'm not the type to strut around in heels all the time. 
don't get me wrong, it's not as though i don't enjoy dressing up fabulously, but i do want to show youngsters around me it's easy to pull off a good outfit. which is probably why, from now on, i'll just focus on streetwear. or maybe this is just one of those days where i have an idea, yet it doesn't materialise. either way, i'm a rocker at heart. 
this is probably just a long ramble, i'm just saying, there are days where i'm sure everyone just pulls on something simple. [[it's probably because i'm 15, i don't understand the concept of heels all day, after all, i am stuck in a school uniform 5 days a week]]

any sydney siders know where to get these? i'll be scoping.. and sit here wishing teenagers where i live would be more selective with what they wear. 

xx rena.

p.s. i'm not saying i condone the cropped tea/sweat pant/ugg boot or raben look either, ew. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the vest.

so perhaps you may not have see me in many vests just yet, i can promise you there are 19 of them just waiting in my closet ready to brighten up my summer outfits... so here are a couple of looks i like and want to try this coming summer!

neil barrett
alex wang 

all photos off

you know what? those two last looks look try-able right now. so i may just do it! despite it being winter, and all... and i'm still loving the fringed vest!

xx rena.

*edit. oh yeah, while being bored, i searched up my name in google, and found out that i'd actually been featured on the teen vogue website for best dressed reader of the day all the way back in june! it's because my old email got deleted that i probably didn't realise, but that's heaps cool!

find it here...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the night lives on.

[[i've never been more petrified of falling-because it would've been onto sandstone]]

hey guys,
it was my best friend + i's birthday party on the weekend! so i was super busy! it was amazing, [[i think]], but straightedge. how'd we manage that?'s great when you're only 15.
[[don't you love dehlia's braid? [[red jumper]], her hair's the perfect texture for it]]

ahh well... i have 700 photos [[exactly, how weird is that?]], which in turn equal to about 700 memories. enjoy! [[i didn't wear anything flash, just my ivory necklace/flannel/leggings]]
why yes, dehlia is holding her polaroid

i love the birthday cake one! [[i took it, nice setting, isn't it? i think it was a good choice, at least]] that cheesecake was delectable.
hope you enjoyed that!
[[this is why my hair looks better up]]
xx rena.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

seventh outfit post. [[and giveaway winner!]]


so first of all, the winner of my giveaway is...

belle of being belle!

and to celebrate, here's another outfit post. very solid effort. it's also because i decided i couldn't miss out on the warm afternoon sun. it's been ages since it's been remotely warm. very happy about the sun coming in!

i decided to do a bit of play with the sheer fabric against my  front door...

i'm wearing...

1*pete collection white tank
2*poet shirt by russh clothing
3*generic leggings
4*tony bianco nemesis wedges 

yes yes yes! i got the shoes! thanks to my best friend Joanne! turns out the birthday was alright after all! [[went to dinner with her last night]]

anyways, enjoy, and congratulations again to Belle!

xx rena.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

sixth outfit post.

someone told me hair's fab. it really is.
the light was slowly disappearing... and all the ones in the light had lots of noise... so i didn't use them.

loving the shadow play here.
my hair is actually dark brown... looks red here.

i wore...
1*batwing with message top
2*high waisted skirt from dad
3*ivory necklace
4*lace up boots-birthday present from some friends.

solid effort? i'm finally managing with my outfit posts. and ironically, school starts again next week!

xx rena.

Friday, July 16, 2010

friday i'm in love.

picture from google

hey all,
here's what i've been listening to that i reckon deserves to be listened to...

1*friday i'm in love-the cure [[who knows, i just may be]]
2*sunday morning-the velvet underground
3*where is my mind?-pixies
4*hammers and strings [[a lullaby]]-jack's mannequin
5*otherside-red hot chili peppers

have fun! the weekends here! 
but that also means school in a couple of days, darnit.
oh, radiohead/oasis/this providence as usual too.

xx rena.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

fifth outfit post.

hey guys!
i'm finally 15 today! but that really doesn't make me feel any more eligible for anything, really. ma15+ movies? i've been watching those for a while...
anyways, i decided i just had to do an outfit post for the birthday. however, it didn't really turn out although in reality the outfit looks really cool [[i think]] [[no more wiser, i think, too...]] i feel like a thief in the night... although a real one wouldn't be layering their clothes. 
as long as this computer holds up it'll be alright.


you know, i only got two shots, even the camera decided it'd turn against me on my own birthay. oh well.
i'm wearing...
1*singlet by sparkle+fade
2*cut out top by subtitled
3*mesh insert tights by Junk Clothing 
4*oversized cardi by agent 99
5*biker vest by agent 99
6*ring available at mirage boutiques
[[i was wearing black heels, i didn't particularly like them anyway]]
hope you guys enjoyed that! [[not too sure about the day though, it was a bit meh]]

xx rena.

ugh.. even the pictures turned out crappy res. great.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

interview: The Spirits.

hey guys, 
so here's an exciting interview i had with The Spirits, an Australian band [[makes me proud!]] based in Sydney, who play alternative and lyrical rock. upon discovering that a few of their influences included radiohead, the smiths, bloc party and the cure, i just had to try and get through to them! so getting home just some 15 minutes ago i discovered they'd gotten back to me! so check it out... oh and find them on myspace music here.
Toby Fitch - Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Fitch - Bass/Vocals 
James Hart - Guitar/Vocals [[who answered the questions]] 
Luke Davison - Drums
1* The name of your band, 'The Spirits' is immensely intriguing. How did it come to be?
Probably, like many bands, we spent a decent amount of time trying to find a relevant and fitting name that would reflect the kind of music we play. Everyone offered ideas in the brainstorming process and in the end we decided 'The Spirits' was the best fit. We think it reflects the haunting, eerie and atmospheric sounds that we love to create so much.
2*Where do the ideas for your lyrics come from, and who usually writes them?
Toby writes our lyrics. In regards to his influences and sources of inspiration you'd have to pick his brain [[if you dare]]. But Toby's a very accomplished writer, having penned many poems in addition to his song lyrics. The lyrics are usually quite heartfelt and personal. There's sometimes a recurrent theme of mythology as well. To me they're a collection of little stories that create different emotions. And those stories can be interpreted many ways depending on the listener.
3*When did you first form as a band?
The four of us have been playing together for about 3 years now. Dan + Toby [[brothers and]] and I [[James]] all went to high school together but it wasn't until a few more years after graduating that we reunited to write some music.  Luke is a random ring in through an audition that ended up netting us a great drummer and an even better friend. We've gone through a few stylistic changes since our inception, and that keeps things fresh and exciting.
4*What else do you hope to explore with your music?
We stumble across new sounds and influences regularly and this culminates in a rehearsal process that leaves things very open to interpretation. Our main goals are to improve technically and instinctively as musicians, to continue to get more proficient at communicating between each other, and to keep trying new things, always.
both pictures from their facebook page
5*Individually, how long have you been playing your instruments?
Hmmmm... let's see...You know I think Luke was probably developing his percussive craft in his mother's womb. Dan and Toby both learn piano, as many young kids were, for a time. Toby's been playing guitar as well since a very young age. Dan played guitar and bass throughout most of high school until deciding to focus on bass. I started playing guitar in Year 7 and copied Toby and a few other mates for inspiration and then did some official lessons for the last two years of high school. The great thing is we're always discovering new sounds with our instruments and trying to push sonic boundaries.
6*Where do you see 'The Spirits' in 2-5 years time?
Caviar, pet tigers and white stretch Hummers! No it's hard to say...A best case scenario would be just to live off our music and not have to work out scummy day jobs. We'd definitely like to have a second EP and an album release within two years. A worst case scenario would be filing for bankruptcy and checking into rehab.
7*What has the journey in the music industry been like so far?
Ah...interesting. It's been a bumpy ride. We've had our fair share of disappointments and encounters with dodgy 'industry' people. We've had our trust broken and our money stolen. From this however, we've learnt to be smarter and more cautious. We've learnt to trust our instincts and stick together as a band. We've also played with some great people and musicians. We've forged some great friendships, had wild times in Melbourne parks, played at some great venues, some not-so-great venues and we're grateful for every minute of it.
8*What message do you hope for your music to convey?
Good question. I guess the lyrical element would be something Toby could explain more eloquently. We're not making any bold political statements or trying to change the world with one song. I like to think that our music is accessible to all different types of people and they're welcome to take whatever they want from the listening experience. The themes of our songs are often universal e.g. love, love lost etc. and these are emotions and experiences that many people can relate to.
9*What's a day in the life of your band like?
We all have our own things going on outside of the band. We do our thing and don't live out of each other's pockets. On the days we rehearse, however, we arrive at about 10am in the city at a studio we hire and go about a leisurely setup. If we have a string of gigs coming up we'll run through a set and tweak it until it feels right. More recently we've been enjoying just jamming out and writing some new material; so good for the soul! An interval around midday for lunch results in a feast of chicken rolls, pies and coffee before heading back in. We'll finish at 2pm feeling like rock stars before getting into our cars, parting ways and going back to our everyday lives.
10*And finally, a very important question: what are your views on music, how do you feel about it, and what do you see in music?
How many people have you met who don't enjoy music? I've met only one or two and I still struggle to get my head around it. Music is a language that transcends borders, races, oceans, religions and age. It touches and unites people from all corners of the world. Whether you're dancing like an idiot in your car to 'My Sharona' or sitting at home listening to the score of 'The Piano', there's no doubt music makes you feel something. And we're extremely blessed to have the opportunity to make it, explore it and share it...regardless of whether we get the Hummer or not!

hope that gave you some musical inspiration guys! enjoy their music! [[i know i do]] 
i've been having some serious issues with the formatting on this blog, so i had to retype all of that... die.
xx rena.

Monday, July 12, 2010

a little closer to home.

so today i decided to give you all another piece of inspiration. this time from an iconic artist a little closer to home, bruno dutot [[b. 1962]]

in fact in 1993, when dutot was sent back to france, for 7 years unknown artists maintained oucha and added their own stories and poems to her. 
commuters often look out for the ever-changing oucha and her cat, mystified.
dutot does his work silently in the night. did i mention he has a studio nearby as well? her beautiful outfits especially at festive times like new years often brings a message out to everyone.

feeling inspired? i love his work. looking out for changes!
[[that reminds me, i need to tell you all about the Boys Like Girls concert last night! i'm still in so much pain from the mosh pit]]

xx rena.

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