Sunday, May 26, 2013


shot ellie at chadwick's for our denim label back in april - finally get to share. 
[giant photo time, yo]
styling: me + the team at junk
make up: giorgia skye
photo editing: oliver c.

i think my next lot of work will be self portraits of me and my hollowed, darkened eye sockets and evidence of the new south wale's higher secondary education's cruel system.



Friday, March 1, 2013

shoot's up: claudia.

shot claudia last weekend - amidst this same wild weather that is autumn inviting itself in. 
featuring vintage pieces and an atomic bomb vest i painted.



Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#42: fresh kicks.

1*wu-tang clan tee-t-bar
2*floral panel shorts-socialight clothing
3*low rise black chucks-converse
4*thrifted sunglasses and bag
if you're like me and wear your chucks to death, then you'll know the unusual pleasure of stepping into a new pair, as i experienced today. i can't remember the last time i didn't have a pair of converse, they've been a staple in my wardrobe pretty much from birth.
i usually pair this outfit with platform or ankle boots, but chucks always add a touch of super casual steezy wearability to any outfit, and i thought i would pay tribute to this new pair dad brought back with him.



p.s. please excuse the total boring straight face - had my final lot of school photos ever taken today. 
the last time i'll ever be told to "please line up your socks front row" and to half-arsedly say "cheeeeeeeeese" or "holidays!" or of course, "boys!" followed by a set of silly girly giggles.

time flies.

Monday, February 4, 2013

#41: all green err-thang.


grabbed this top "all green" top by streetwear label goat crew at my local culture kings store on george st in the cbd; we have since been inseparable. 
whilst there be sure to pick up your 5 for $50 staple as colour tees.
i have come to quickly appreciate the advantages of a thick, durable cotton tee, and even though i'm not a guy [they live in these things], my wardrobe is occupied mostly by a mound of various band, graphic, and novelty print tees. 
mostly men's cut too. 
i hit the forties in my outfit post numbers, and it just seems more appealing to my general lack of effort to label them this way. 
worn here with:
1*neon denim skirt-junk clothing
2*white creepers-t.u.k
3*sunglasses-pulp kitchen
4*chokers-cobra snake online 
[absolute go to for all novel accessories served cheap with a side of glorious tack - i love it.]



have a nice week luvas.

p.s. single greatest thing i have ever seen:


Sunday, February 3, 2013

fortieth outfit post.

yeah i got the chop a few weeks back. 
hair's healthy now.
snapped these sunnies up at rozelle markets for just $10 - steal. it's not often that i head down to the markets of the inner west anymore, but having since acquired my licence to drive between now and the last time i headed over, i'll be there every so often to catch some more worthwhile purchases. not to mention, these served me well for my road trip up to barrington tops.
i promise i'll get back to blogging more often, with better content.
hopefully. i didn't bring my camera to barrington, instead, i brought a $2 film camera that i also bought at the markets. excited to see the results of having shot in panorama, as well.
1*leather sleeve blazer-socialight clothing
2*basic tank-socialight clothing
3*jeans from i don't even know when
4*stomper boots-new rock
5*beanie-american apparel
6*sunnies-rozelle markets

sydney's weather is beyond bizarre at the moment, it was sunny for just a moment before the rain decided to make a return to centre stage. 
oh, and not that anyone ever listened to my playlists before, as they were filled with random alternative rock/metal, you might see some more hip hop tracks popping up here and there. 
progression, my friends, it's a slow occurring teenage thing.



Sunday, January 13, 2013

a bit 'a summah that.

dammit my hair was long!
josh under a tree.
outfit - and yes, i got a comme des garcon wallet.
ma two favourite boys.

photos by joe and josh included.