Wednesday, April 20, 2011

twenty-second outfit post.

 1*Military Jacket-Dad
2*White Knit-Thrifted
4*Distressed Denim Shorts-Uscari 
5*Leather Backpack-Vintage
6*I wore White Converse for this look

lovely time of day for photography - not so great for shooting people.
orange skin. 
sorry about the dull facial expressions.

i'm headed off to byron bay for bluesfest! where bob dylan, wolfmother, the cat empire and many more awesome artists will be playing.

see you in a week! 


Sunday, April 17, 2011


i had to make the title a little outstanding.
i'm also a little red-obsessed...
in case you haven't figured, i'm currently devouring George Orwell's 1984.
excited for the rest of the read.
in the meantime, i've got Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls lined up, as well as
F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender is the Night.
looking forward to it.
picked up some lovely Moleskines with mother today. rather excited, haven't bought much in a while.
i've also created a side-blog named 'scary sprites and gypsy hunters'
check it out, click on the link. 


Saturday, April 16, 2011

the easter show!

 my new iron on patches, mini bazooka, pink floyd sticker + buttons.
all for about $16.
peter got an awesome pulp fiction poster, that i'm veryveryvery jelly of.
 hey guys, i got a tattoo.
an $8 one. i think it looks pretty cool.
on my wrist.
his name is elmo.
mini little nerds packet.
why so much excessive packaging nowadays?
it was cute, i suppose, and it was filled to the brim.

fun day. was warm. got cold.
went on a few rides, too. it was a shame i decided not to bring my camera with me, there were quite a few nice shots i could imagine.



Wednesday, April 13, 2011

for the love of nirvana.

i will never get sick of this video. i know, it's not even an original nirvana song.
but as much as i like the original bowie version, there's something novel about seeing 
kurt cobain in his usual oversized, thrifted sweater, teamed with a dave grohl who looks like the ultimate newbie, and krist novoselic just chilling out on stage. and something subtle about their performance, especially cobain's, that leaves a slight nostalgia on one.
slowly watching my morning hours dwindle by, as i sit here cyber-stalking nirvana's vevo channel on youtube.
 chucks. pride.
i have yet to see another rock star wear white hepburn-inspired shades.
and rock out in hawaii shirts.

the original hipster? of course not.

eyeliner is questionable. 
 i want one. 
they look like the usual next door hooligans. 
but no.
and so for all of you who will complain about having a 'weird garage band' living next to you.
be prepared.
you never know.
i don't know how many more nirvana photos i have.
but rest assured it's a crazy number.

oh, and does it make it legit for me to roll out of bed and onto the stage in the future?
it's an acquired look, you know.
and mother still fails to believe i enjoy this culture.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a little sweet.

lovely strings have got me floating a little bit. we all need a little childhood playfulness sometimes.
i would love to do a little project like this sometime.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

still unbelievable.

my mother still can't believe that this is what i want to be.

rock star it is.
and if not, interior designer.



Friday, April 8, 2011


it's holidays! let's celebrate.
although my picture really doesn't scream celebrate...
here's your top 5! [haven't done this in a while]
1*under the bridge-red hot chili peppers
2*hotel california-the eagles [road trip favourite]
3*friday i'm in love-the cure
4*it's all over now baby blue-bob dylan
5*afterlife-avenged sevenfold [a little heavier, nice strings though...]



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

twenty-first outfit post.

bought this amazingly textured dress for $19.95 on sale at tree of life. 
1*tie dye maxi dress-tree of life
2*medallion ring-lovisa jewelry

the lighting of these photos does no justice for the wonderful dress.
nonetheless, it justifies my absence from blogging. i hope.
i'm breathing anticipation for the holidays.
for them to come.
so i can start studying for my year 11 math exams. or hit up byron bay for bluesfest!
where bob dylan is playing! (: fun fun fun.



Friday, April 1, 2011

anything is possible, if you just believe. - pinocchio, 1940.

original photography.

perhaps we all need a little time to ourselves.
to once again be reminded of the vast expanses of land one may cover during a lifetime.
the journeys we partake in. 
the people that we meet.
our uprisings, and our downfalls.
i'm not entirely proud of myself at the moment. true, i kept to my word and began working 
harder at school, but at the same time, i'm trying to convince myself of a stupid, yet valid point:
if i am to disclose the fact that secretly, deep down, i would love to be a rock star, my parents
would not be paying for an education.
actually, the entire stupidity is the dream. foolish, childish, naive.
i'm joking. i can do anything i want. i've signed up for work experience at an interior decorating
firm, and i'm excited since my best friend is looking into architecture.
i don't know what's going through my mind but it should be somewhere near sleep.
not to mention i just found a playlist i'd named 'droopy eyelids' some weeks ago. i think i need sleep, i can't even spell check at the moment.
as for my parents, they can choose what to do. but lately i've been a bit of a let down to everyone.
i should be asleep - then i may well do so. 
but i haven't been blogging - losing on yet another long term commitment.

and perhaps i need to realise what is best for myself...
[before i make a choice whether or not to go ahead with you]
and what choice may that be? well can you not all guess?
as a teenage girl it is completely rational to be irrational. 
in my defence, i can't always be not-a-part of something...


we can always be a little oracle-like in our decisions. a little vague, some time in our lives?