Thursday, January 27, 2011


fletcher's photography.

yesterday was possibly the most awesome australia day to date.

 happy tree friends, minus the violence.

the park. oh glorious summer days.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nineteenth outfit post.

finally got another outfit post together.
i'm wearing...
1*floral bodysuit-dangerfield
2*distressed shorts-uscari
3*lace up/zip boots-rubi shoes
4*deer ring-lovisa jewelry
5*thrifted floral vest.


oh, and check out the hairworks! 


Sunday, January 23, 2011

beachin' it.

so as my holidays are drawing to a  close, sydney siders have to thank mother nature for the glorious weather for the following week. a whole week of sun-soaked wonder. 
starting yesterday.
 mancave? sun protection.
 sarah + harry m.
 liv + i.

 fabric detail.
 fro yo.



Friday, January 21, 2011

sweet summer livin'.

© Rena Zheng - it's made of hardened, layered sand. broke almost immediately.

my holidays are almost over.
i have about a week left.
i'm going to do everything this week. 
but here's a playlist i needed to share with you all. 
it's for sweet summer livin'.

1*wild horses-the rolling stones
2*waterloo sunset-the kinks
3*angie-the rolling stones
4*just like heaven-the cure
5*sad rude future dude-ball park music
6*sunny afternoon-the kinks
7*all summer long-the beach boys [[t-shirts, cutoffs and a pair of thongs]]
8*beautiful world-carolina liar
9*chasing the wind-this providence
10*cry to me-the rolling stones



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Thursday, January 20, 2011

live with me. - rolling stones.

this is a somewhat good description of me. not entirely. and what's with the black dot in the corner of my photos?! i need to get that fixed. sorry about the random yellow lighting of this photo, i'm a bit too tired to edit it.

went to see the green hornet today, it was pretty good.
the one thing i enjoyed most was the playing of jay chou's song at the end credits - now hear me out, i am not one to listen to asian pop, but i do know for one fact the song is called 'nunchucks' - very relevant to the movie. and the fact that my cousin showed it to me when i was 10 years old brings back good memories. i shocked my friends as i was singing along to it. comical, i'd say.
so i give this movie... 4.5 stars. 
harry modelling the 3D glasses.

i enjoyed the action, however some parts of it were seriously overdone. if you see, you'll understand.
ironically enough, that's what i also enjoy about films like these.
however, there was a lot more comedy than i had expected, but the script having been written by leading actor seth rogen, it was to be expected. 
bunch of 3D glasses (:

anywho, here are some sweet photos i took. the lighting in teascapes cafe was awesome - though i didn't manage to shoot the whole place down. [[i joke, i just love my crime films]]. it was perfect, in all its music memorabilia filled awesomeness.
oh, and also, the post title is a song in reference to the rolling stones song played in the movie.
oh and if you're wondering why i'm suddenly using -> (:, it's because smiley faces looked ugly with my previous italic font.
my $4 dollar shake. it came in a smaller glass than everyone else's, dubbed a woman shake. how awfully sexist.
how it makes summer look glorious (:
i didn't have much time to snap any good ones, just really quick.



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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

meet my lovelies.

so i said i would have some summery posts?
here we go. 
pool hang out at mine today. then we beached it.
too bad the sun decided it to call it the quits on our way down to bondi.
oh well, enjoy! 
 harry m.
 nope, they're straight.

 julie. - love the soft edges of her hair.  awesome photo.

sarah + i.