Thursday, September 6, 2012

join go cry wolf on instagram.

1*working at syndicate at danks gallery
2*my new audio technica ath-es7 headphones
3*my big dreamscape sketch
4*bored during exam week
5*me being the ultimate breakfast chef
6*snoop! miss him too.
7*american psycho
8*RZA/ayn rand, and the wu tang clan
9*messina, my new dessert home... twice a week
10*me in my new american apparel fluoro beanie down at bondi the other week
11*the best spider maki rolls i've had in a long while
12*frozen yoghurt down at twisted, bondi
13*shoot inspiration the other week
15*vegan breakfast at kawa
16*lindt hazelnut hot chocolate - winter special

a couple of months ago i decided that having an iphone meant that it would probably be wise to have instagram.

haven't looked back since, it's definitely one way to make your life seem interesting!



find me here, or search me at my username renazheng. 


Tara Winter said...

Love instagram!! I'll look for you

Alona said...

The breakfast you cooked looks amazing!! haha I wish I could cook like that, but I'm way too lazy haha
I LOVE your sketch! I wish I could draw like that :)
I'm a new follower! Your blog is unique and I love it. It would be lovely if you could check out my latest post and possibly follow back if you like :D