Friday, July 29, 2011


haven't posted a playlist for a reaaaalllyy long time!
wasn't sure so i'm going to have a hardcore list, and then a mix of nuanced stuff.

maybe i'll be the soft list first:

1*stickshifts and safetybelts-cake
[for any day you're feeling down, there's always cake]
2*tequila sunrise-the eagles
[there's also the famous hotel california if you wish]
3*don't cry-guns n' roses
4*look what you've done-jet
5*don't let your hair grow too long-oren lavie
6*island in the sun-weezer
7*talk show host-radiohead
8*true as the night-the vines
9*there is a light that never goes out-the smiths
10*i'm in love with a girl-big star

harder music, maybe for those of you who either like it or feel like the energy...
[you can leave out the metal if that doesn't float your boat]

1*now you've got something to die for-lamb of god
[my absolute favourite]
2*black dog-led zeppelin
3*black hole sun-soundgarden
[actually i find this song very chill]
4*kashmir-led zeppelin
5*chop suey-system of a down.



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