Saturday, July 30, 2011

things i always end up doing...

there are always some things that i never end up getting to do,
and end up doing these things instead:

1*buy a diary but realise at the end of the year that it wasn't a necessary purchase,
it was just something pretty.
2*tell myself to draw something worthwhile but end up with a mass of 
3*tell myself i'll do maths homework, finally, but end up immersed in 
a novel instead.
4*paint something with a crazy amount of detail, but end up doing a half-arsed
'impressionistic' landscape.
4*convince myself to keep my room clean but end up having to clean 
it out again after a few weeks.
5*tell myself to come up with chord progressions to written lyrics 
but end up using the same few chords because creativity was lost and the energy
escaped me.

luckily these things don't happen too often.




Angela Jessyana said...

i used to do number 1 too, hahaha :D i love the photo!

Julian Tanoto said...

the jumping shot is great ! <3

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