Thursday, December 1, 2011

summer projects.

tomorrow's my last day as a year 10 student.
don't know how i feel about this, but i'm glad it's the first day of summer today, anyway. 
so i suppose i have a bucket list of things to do for this upcoming season.

1*improve on my photography.
2*improve on my painting, drawing + writing. 

3*go hiking in tibet with the father.

4*create some punk inspired d.i.y pieces of denim clothing, weather allowing, of course.

5*practice on my kit a little more often now that my friend lent his double kicks to me.

6*skate down campbell parade as often as possible.

7*read more than a few classic novels.

is 7 a lucky enough number? i wanted to round it off but i guess that's not going to happen tonight.



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