Wednesday, August 15, 2012


driven by the need to perfect the aesthetics of any sort of graphic media i come across, blogger has given me numerous headaches in terms of layouts. obviously i have spent my time tweaking my blogspot, and i'm at a stage where it's ok for now, but tumblr makes life easier when it comes to creating the "bigger picture" in the sense of a visual photographic moodboard. 

[fancy words for saying tumblr is nice for pics]

aside from this one, my primary blog, i've also been blogging from two separate blogs on tumblr.

one is my personal tumblr for original photography, because at first i rejected the idea of reblogging completely. 
the second one is something for fun that culminates the photos i am inspired by, including some of my own at times.

find them here and follow me!

x, R.

*also, today was the first time i realised my blog name "the grungy weed" has connotations of pot/marijuana use. not intended, but i also don't intend on changing it. ever.

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