Sunday, March 13, 2011

lanterns + pennies.

tonight was a heap of fun.
even though i'm strictly under house arrest now, it was some sort of an experience.
my rollykids, that's what i call them, didn't have their usual skateboards tonight. of course!
[actually they're just a bunch of my guy friends
who like to skate]
if we were going to be hiking up and down the hills of eastern sydney, they'd be hiding away their little Penny boards in their backpacks.

these little boards of momentum are so easy to ride, but probably only thanks to my experience with skateboarding.
[which isn't much/6 months two years ago, so anybody can master it] they cruise smoothly and they're quite lightweight, so you can basically just pick them up and go. so anyways, i found this little video from Penny Australia, it's quite fun, take a look.
the reason for lanterns? well, my friend harry was carrying around some super bright lantern.
i swear it was just attracting moths + other insects.
but it did help up and down shady lanes. N.B: he knew where he was going, we didn't.
i think the video is the only reason i have want to salvage onto this summer heat. even though it's autumn.



more photos tomorrow!

oh, somebody please get me one of these babies...
colour preference: red or orange. 

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Sofi Stellar said...

I used to skateboard, trick style on ramps and stuff, but I don't now. I have been wanting to get a longboard for summer, though!