Wednesday, September 21, 2011

like, omg.

this font.
helvetica neue ultralight. 
my life, right there.
and yeah i made this because you know, i'm so f*cking tumblr worthy + alt. 

and here's my mantra for the holidays. 
by the way, it's never going to happen because i never do anything.
i'm a teenager, you people expect too much.
let me have my holden caulfield stage, i will be completely cynical and ignorant and for now i'm fine with that. [[see what i did there?]]

and that's me, everyday.

something i heard in the hallway a few days ago before school ended:

'like, omygod, you know, i always thought in up + go there were like, legit, real weetbix.'
[[for those of you who don't know what up + go is, it's an aussie breakfast supplement type drink]]


like, omygod, i always thought you'd sum up to nothing. 

here's to teenage misfortunes.


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