Thursday, September 22, 2011

let me be neurotic.

heyhey, jules winfield.
pulp fiction.

apparently we always need something to talk about, a genre, a classification.
i mean, for this blog, i was going for the whole fashion bamflam whatever vibe, but obviously i turned to my comfortable roots in music. 
apparently we always need classification; so that we have a defined target audience, so that we get people to see what we write, what we're about, whatever.

which is why i sometimes wonder why i have a blog. 
because no matter what, if people see this, i will be judged, i will be criticised, and i know that, even as i'm typing this. 

and all i ever think is, what's the point.
and then i realise.


it's art.

and sometime's that's all we can really tell ourselves, and the most comfort we can give to ourselves.

1 comment:

nicole said...

I love this post, so very true. Slightly sad, but true.
Keep blogging though because I'm so glad I found your site (or you found me then I found you, haha)!