Wednesday, May 9, 2012

from the seemingly tidy but actually messy desk of me...

to all the lovers out there, keep on keeping on.
that's what i've had to tell myself lately.

i think i should've started by apologising for my absence for the past month and a bit. if i tried to explain it would just sound like endless ramble and somewhat illegitimate.

however, i must alert you that the main reason for my being MIA is in fact a trip to america. which was great. and i saw a lot. and maybe learnt more too, about... different aspects of life.

so during my time away, it has come to my attention that i may need to focus more on the fashion side of the blogosphere. i mean, isn't that what people want?
or rather, should i be focussing on what i want to focus on, and ignore demand? 
it probably isn't even entirely obvious on this blog, but though fashion is an integral part of my life, [and i mean this very literally], i have other passions and interests, being music and art, and i suppose photography, with aspirations in graphic design.
and these forms of art aren't so far away from fashion anyway. but i feel like this blog needs to transform into something a little more personal: it's not going to be like a damn diary entry every time but it's sure as hell not going to be my semi-interest in a non-even-that-awesome topic.

and for those of you who haven't read the above... here are some photos that should suffice for this being text heavy.
all photos from l.a. but i will explore further later on.

x, r.

in the meantime, i'd also like to alert you all to the fact that i've started filming drum covers... so some musical things to come for those who are interested.

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