Wednesday, October 10, 2012

no respect for the queen.

youth these days.
had so much fun shooting with ari. tree climbing model/wanderlust.
i think what hanging out with ari made me realise is that we succumb far too often to societal limitations. [oh jeez, a f*ck the system post... again]
no, really though. it was so much easier that day to forget any inhibitions and just snap away, even though there were hundreds of judgmental eyes and tourists milling around, it seems as though we weren't disturbed at all, this being in the middle of the sydney cbd....



noura. said...

i love all of this!

Little Girl Lost said...

ditto with the above comment! especially loving the photo of her draped over the banister - for a second there it looked like she was levitating. that's a beautiful jacket/coat she is wearing too.

lucia m said...

loving the outfit!



Park Street said...

Very beautiful photography- there's a stillness to them. I also admire you for your ability to blow off the attitudes of the people around you while you shot. That can be the hardest obstacle sometimes.

hannah said...

these shots are stunning. so glad i stopped by! ;) thanks for checking out t(f)h. i'll be back. xx


Lizzie~ said...

These pictures are beautiful, owch - that stairs photo haha! Beautiful blogging! I'm your new follower! xx