Friday, November 23, 2012

back up - wait wha-...

photo sourced somewhere on tumblr...

there's this rift i'm stuck in, somewhere between sentiment and reality. 
this conflicted dichotomy leads me onto two paths: one where i never cease to look back, and the other, on which i beg for history to commit not the fatal crime of repeating itself. 
yes, i'll readily admit, that is a fear of mine. 

and i'm not ever sure if there's a day that will come, when my head and heart align.
for it did once before, just once, when i was so sure about you.

and now it's as though the planets are shifting rapidly and i can no longer feel anything beyond numb.
it's this attempt at salvaging what could be, or admitting to oneself the true nature of what is.

but a fool i am, blinded by old flooding tears and lust. 

what next?

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