Sunday, November 18, 2012

try me.

the hsc is already getting to me. 
still, though, i'm happily snapping away.
first met nahualli whilst puff puff passin' away a couple of weeks ago at a party... good times.
way beyond her years in her mentality.
here are the shots from the shoot on friday night, when i finally took a break from a shocking week.

for now check me out here as well:


dictionary_of_fashion said...

Og Gosh, great photos and combination :)
Btw, thanks for your comment on my blog. Let's follow each other. I follow you from now on :)

Aida said...

hello sweetie! Thanks a lot for visiting and commenting my blog. I really like yours - it's quite interesting and appeals to me in absolute! I'm your new follower now and would love you to follow back if you like my blog as well. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
have a nice weekend