Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#42: fresh kicks.

1*wu-tang clan tee-t-bar
2*floral panel shorts-socialight clothing
3*low rise black chucks-converse
4*thrifted sunglasses and bag
if you're like me and wear your chucks to death, then you'll know the unusual pleasure of stepping into a new pair, as i experienced today. i can't remember the last time i didn't have a pair of converse, they've been a staple in my wardrobe pretty much from birth.
i usually pair this outfit with platform or ankle boots, but chucks always add a touch of super casual steezy wearability to any outfit, and i thought i would pay tribute to this new pair dad brought back with him.



p.s. please excuse the total boring straight face - had my final lot of school photos ever taken today. 
the last time i'll ever be told to "please line up your socks front row" and to half-arsedly say "cheeeeeeeeese" or "holidays!" or of course, "boys!" followed by a set of silly girly giggles.

time flies.


Stella said...

Thanks, I hope I'll see him one day too :)
Your blog is great!

Paola Dal Lago said...

Hello!! thanks to drop by.. I was wondering, do you have any facebook page? I like also your literature taste ;)

annie said...

so nice to find a fellow sydneysider (yes i am finally returning your comment), i've followed you :)

i reckon chucks look great with anything too, especially maxi skirts...i've always wanted to buy a pair but i feel like my ankles are too thin...first world problems...

also i wanted to say you have an incredible pair of lips.

oh and hope you enjoy your final year of high school...what are you thinking of doing afterwards??