Wednesday, December 15, 2010


 i should be asleep. it's 1.50 in the morning. lovely

here are some photos from the past 6 days to give you a glimpse of what i've been up to...

and if not...

1*muse concert - i have yet to write a fantastic review
3*sleeping outside in my open-plan 3rd floor garden, and seeing 5 shooting stars in one night.
and it wasn't just me, i was with people. and they can testify.
3*photo shoots...
this photo is not meant to be offensive to any religion in any way, it's just a bit of random fun i had with my friends at a party with towels + blankets. 

 youthful. and blemish-ful.

water! the pool was oh so clear.

happy birthday felix.



Jes said...

:) love the pool shot xx

Júlia said...

your blog is so nice and lovely. amazing pictures.
I just have begun but a good one, I think so. well, I follow you

<3 <3

crimzonite said...

Thank-you for your comment. Your blog is really nice and I love the fact you're just as obsessed with music as I am! :)

Summer said...

love this it makes me happy!
Love your blog! I hope you will come visit me and follow if you'd like! I'm leaving for Australia in 1 month!

xoxo Summer

Nora said...

nice blog! go on :)