Thursday, December 2, 2010


original photography by me. disposable camera on camp.

hello everybody! and hello summer.
although sydney was greeted by a lovely rainstorm yesterday, which has been and will be the lookout for the entire/rest of the week.

this is an example of 21st century teenage angst:

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when it gets annoying, relief can be found by flexing your arms and smashing your keyboard.

this is an example of more 21st teenage angst:

some, i stress the some, boys are nice. others are the sexist pigs who want sandwiches, and who also judge us by how much fat we have in our chests. 

children, that is why we fall for them.

this summer is not looking great. way to be a pessimist. is it called being cynical when you know you're being pessimistic, you know it, but you don't want to change?
wait no, that's arrogance. 


but summer! beachy days and never ending days have come a hollerin'!


Anna said...

Such a beautiful photo :) It must have been amazing at camp. I hope it all works out for you, vwieoyba;haioegrknhtsrmmgfjdlhk.jestkjshl (we all feel angsty sometimes) x

rachel kara said...

GAHHHHH. These words are gold!
Eff you and your sandwiches & cheers to arrogance.

kirstyb said...

lovely pic - snowing here right now xxxx

Anonymous said...

then I can say for sure that I´m cynical and arrogant all at the same time :P
I love your pic

Ella said...

I love this photo, your landscape setting is beautiful x