Sunday, December 5, 2010

winter/summer playlist.

picture of my best friend catherine at edwina's party. my dress + photography. i love her, she makes me happier every single time. here's a little tribute to her lovely spazziness.
so we're at the beginning of summer here in australia.
for readers in the northern hemisphere, it's winter.
so i'm giving you a playlist for both!

1*summer hair = forever young-the academy is...
3*joy  ride-the killers
4*i'll run-the cab
5*who needs love-razorlight
tied with...
5*breakin'-the all american rejects

not exactly my usual 60s/70s/80s...

1*vegas skies-the cab
2*the funeral-band of horses
3*this charming man-the smiths
4*pale blue eyes-the velvet underground

i gave up on winter...


apparently for us aussies, we're going  to have a lovely wet, hot, humid summer. 


Anna said...

Haha, thanks for the winter version :) Just, such an amazing song x

Ella said...

I love australia but I'll be listening to the winter playlist as I'm in cold wintery ENGLAND x

JINX said...

you've been JINXED...

Fernanda Azaria said...

supercool playlist! thanks for the songs :)

Margaret Tran said...

Fingers crossed it doesn't rain again this weekend!! I want to go beach dammit :)

Hearts for Band of Horses! Have you seen them live? They're wonderful.

Chelsea Lauren said...

absolutely genius

ashton said...