Wednesday, April 13, 2011

for the love of nirvana.

i will never get sick of this video. i know, it's not even an original nirvana song.
but as much as i like the original bowie version, there's something novel about seeing 
kurt cobain in his usual oversized, thrifted sweater, teamed with a dave grohl who looks like the ultimate newbie, and krist novoselic just chilling out on stage. and something subtle about their performance, especially cobain's, that leaves a slight nostalgia on one.
slowly watching my morning hours dwindle by, as i sit here cyber-stalking nirvana's vevo channel on youtube.
 chucks. pride.
i have yet to see another rock star wear white hepburn-inspired shades.
and rock out in hawaii shirts.

the original hipster? of course not.

eyeliner is questionable. 
 i want one. 
they look like the usual next door hooligans. 
but no.
and so for all of you who will complain about having a 'weird garage band' living next to you.
be prepared.
you never know.
i don't know how many more nirvana photos i have.
but rest assured it's a crazy number.

oh, and does it make it legit for me to roll out of bed and onto the stage in the future?
it's an acquired look, you know.
and mother still fails to believe i enjoy this culture.



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