Friday, April 1, 2011

anything is possible, if you just believe. - pinocchio, 1940.

original photography.

perhaps we all need a little time to ourselves.
to once again be reminded of the vast expanses of land one may cover during a lifetime.
the journeys we partake in. 
the people that we meet.
our uprisings, and our downfalls.
i'm not entirely proud of myself at the moment. true, i kept to my word and began working 
harder at school, but at the same time, i'm trying to convince myself of a stupid, yet valid point:
if i am to disclose the fact that secretly, deep down, i would love to be a rock star, my parents
would not be paying for an education.
actually, the entire stupidity is the dream. foolish, childish, naive.
i'm joking. i can do anything i want. i've signed up for work experience at an interior decorating
firm, and i'm excited since my best friend is looking into architecture.
i don't know what's going through my mind but it should be somewhere near sleep.
not to mention i just found a playlist i'd named 'droopy eyelids' some weeks ago. i think i need sleep, i can't even spell check at the moment.
as for my parents, they can choose what to do. but lately i've been a bit of a let down to everyone.
i should be asleep - then i may well do so. 
but i haven't been blogging - losing on yet another long term commitment.

and perhaps i need to realise what is best for myself...
[before i make a choice whether or not to go ahead with you]
and what choice may that be? well can you not all guess?
as a teenage girl it is completely rational to be irrational. 
in my defence, i can't always be not-a-part of something...


we can always be a little oracle-like in our decisions. a little vague, some time in our lives?


Carrie said...

That is so, so true.

Em said...

A little bit of vague is always outweighed by a tiny bit of beauty. Love it. Love your blog. x