Saturday, April 16, 2011

the easter show!

 my new iron on patches, mini bazooka, pink floyd sticker + buttons.
all for about $16.
peter got an awesome pulp fiction poster, that i'm veryveryvery jelly of.
 hey guys, i got a tattoo.
an $8 one. i think it looks pretty cool.
on my wrist.
his name is elmo.
mini little nerds packet.
why so much excessive packaging nowadays?
it was cute, i suppose, and it was filled to the brim.

fun day. was warm. got cold.
went on a few rides, too. it was a shame i decided not to bring my camera with me, there were quite a few nice shots i could imagine.




Yomi Uba said...

That Emo tattoo is lol! nice

Yomi Uba said...

whoops, i meant *elmo*