Wednesday, October 13, 2010


not sure about the trousers price wise, but the jacket is 86.99USD. 
necklace is 28.99, which i quite like.
hey all,
sadly, i've fallen ill with influenza. therefore i have not the energy to assemble my camera and tripod, nor the face, to shoot you a quick outfit post. although my idea was cool, and being sick probably enhanced the effect, my muscles are aching, so i'll have to postpone it for some other day. 
meanwhile i've done some browsing on two Korean-based online shopping websites, and 

check out these trousers! 45.99USD. i want an outfit post like this, but my hair won't go like that. oh well, i prefer my hair grungey as opposed to curlygirly..
one of my friends suggested to me a while back, and they awesomely enough have an australian website too! as for storets, they always have affordable basics i like to take a look at.
*please note i never buy any clothing. but if i were to, these look like pretty reasonable prices -smiley-

here's a clearer picture of the necklace, 28.99USD if not, head onto the website.
it's in the sale section!

55.80USD, 66.96AUD.
i love the colour of this blouse! if i can't find one here, i'm going to buy this one. [[it's off]]
i'm pretty sure the fits on both websites are relatively small, so i'm not sure how i would go. [[i'm not the typical petite asian]] *i'm not one prone to stereotyping, but in this case it's reflexive. 


*i usually don't look on Korean websites, but there are some nice basics/generic styles that everyone has as staple pieces. plus, they're really good with their shoots, they have extremely detailed/multiple photos of each style and colour, almost like when you're purchasing shoes online. did i mention, i also like checking American Apparel for basic pieces i can manufacture. myself. with a sewing machine. my heads' in another world today. double rainbow! [[i'm so obsessed, it gets me high, i'm not sure why]] [[that rhymed, i'm a genius]] [[that's self conceited]]


Anonymous said...

Love those wide-leg trousers!

Fashion-rocks said...

Love the outfits, hope you get well soon