Friday, October 1, 2010

[[treasure]] hunt.

first picture that comes up when you search 'the dandy warhols come down' in google

i need more of these songs.
which songs, you ask?
songs that make seriously cool references to the bands i love.
reason for the dandy warhols cover?
their song from their album "The Dandy Warhols Come Down"
it's called "Cool As Kim Deal".
and who is kim deal?
the bassist for the Pixies, of course.
[[saves you a google search-up]]
and why have i only discovered it now, you're wondering? probably because while looking for my mother's birthday present today [[it's officially a painting, by yours truly, and i'll take a picture for you after it's dried [[it's oil paint, and her birthday's tomorrow, -insert worry here-]] but it's all nice and based on a red/pink/orange/white palette]] i took a spontaneous trip to the cd store, looked through the Dandy Warhols, found the song, almost squealed, slapped myself for not knowing previously, and subsequently posted it on my blog. [[now]]

*side note* see what i've done with the brackets in between brackets in the middle of a really long sentence? it's pay back for all the times i've gotten lost while attempting to read a passage like that.

another one i know of is a song by The Wombats, i'm pretty sure i've suggested in a previous 5-song playlist,
called "Let's Dance to Joy Division"
[[oh yes, it's here]] [[it's a 2 song playlist]]
Joy Division was my life for a few weeks some months back.

anyone know any seriously good ones?
oh, and preferably in the alternative/indie rock genre.
[[all that while sitting here wondering what i'm going on about, and hopefully noticing i'm finally starting use capitals]] [[hi-5 for random capitalisation]]

oh yes, that's the other thing. don't you find this really unattractive, yet somehow all these people find it cool?
hElLo. that's not random. there's a pattern.
ReNA is random. i think. [[haha, yes i am!]]
[[allow me to sit here and ramble, and laugh at ReNA, which i now realise has a double meaning]] [[i'm a genius]]
wow, a lot of self-conceited praise tonight.

toodles! [[that's the new sign off]]

[[i'm sorry about all the rambling, Where Is My Mind?]]
^that's your cue to listen to the song^
oh, and why on earth it is a Placebo version? well, it's a live Placebo version, and Frank Black is on stage, and it makes me cry watching it, wanting to be there oh so terribly badly. [[oh, and if you listen to Placebo singing it on an actual recording, don't. they killed it]]
 [[and don't get me started about missing out on the Pixies while they toured in Sydney earlier on this year in march]]


pipmarshall said...

i love the wombats!


Vicky K. said...

love it!!

Anonymous said...

i adore this blog here..x