Tuesday, October 26, 2010


inconsistent little blogger, i have been. 
well, since i've almost hit 150 followers, i'm going to think up of an awesome giveaway. this is the greatest honour, you know? just because i have another 150 people in the world whom choose to follow me and listen to my endless rambling. honestly, this isn't really a fashion blog, is it? it's sort of like my window out of here. so that while i watch the sky melt to orange, i can post pictures of adventures i have taken around my house. because sometime's life's sweet like that.

i've also had to have my computer re-fixed over and over again.
life gives you mediocrity like that, you know. [oh how philiosophical, rena]
one rule of sanity: do not refer to yourself in the 3rd person. 
ahh, i guess you're reading the words of an insane child, i guess. 
there's a little too much noise with these pictures, they're rather abstract.
my exam block is coming up, hence the irregularity of my posts. i hope you all are having a wonderful october, whether or not that may or may not be grammatically correct.



angela jessyana said...

congrats for the 150 followers! i like your blog :)


APieceOfCrap said...

Thank you sooo much for the comment sweetie! We're sorry for the late answer, busy with school and stuff..
And we'll update our blog very soon! we promise! :)

Take a peek, again! our first blog! :)

Hope you will enjoy it!!

Best regards from Sweden!!

Hermke said...

congrats and great shots!

Fashion Nicotine said...

Beautiful pictures!

BM said...

congrats in all the followers! love your blog


take a look at my latest outfit post if you like

Emily said...

Gorgeous pics... that first one is great!! Now following you here and on bloglovin'


issye margaretha kamal said...

Gorgeous. what a good post :D