Tuesday, October 19, 2010

life by song.

i got this photo off someone's tumblr, but i'm not sure whose. this is just proof that tumblr means poor souls don't get the credit they deserve. well, anywho. using this application called Poladroid my best friends Catherine and Claudia showed me, i simply dragged the photo onto the little Polaroid camera that comes up, and voila! it turns into this! but it's really nothing compared to the real thing.

well, here's a short 5 song playlist for everybody. 
the reason for the title is the fact that i've realised i live life according to the length of a song, and not by minutes. 
e.g. i'll have my laptop in the bathroom while i'm showering. i'll have my iTunes, on which i have a shower playlist [usually punk songs that are loud enough to be heard while i'm in the shower], and whenever i don't wash my hair, it takes 4-5 minutes for a shower. when i do, it takes around 10-12. i encourage everyone to take shorter showers, it's eco friendly. while you're at it, for any australian girls out there, check out 1 Million Women, it's an awesome campaign. 
well, back on topic, i usually listen to 1 song when i don't wash my hair, and 2-3 when i do. funny that, hey? and when i want to make a plan to tell myself to start homework, i choose one playlist, and once it's over, i shut my computer and do work [that doesn't involve a laptop]
pretty kick-ass, eh?

1*cool as kim deal-the dandy warhols
2*just like heaven-the cure
3*came back today-young revelry
4*sunshine-all american rejects
5*wish you were here-pink floyd



hiven said...

I do hate hate hate tumblr for creating a vaccum for credit. Most fashion blogs are guilty of not crediting to photographers though, the smaller then take the photo and then don't credit. Oh what a big circle. ANYWAY, this is lovely

Emily and Abigail said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! The pic made me smile :) Following you!


Diana said...

This picture is adorable and I love your blog. It's great!!