Thursday, October 7, 2010

band: Young Revelry.

talk about obsession!
this perth 4-piece are all the rage on triple j unearthed at the moment. and with good reason to be! 
jamming out awesome tunes similar to those of Queens of the Stone Age, the Pixies [[typical me]], Smashing Pumpkins and the Jesus and Mary Chain, i'm totally in love. this is the sound i want to hear. this is the sound i hope to make.

my mission is to get the chance to interview them. [[i'm trying, believe me!]] 
if you're loving them like me, find them on iTunes or try
here on triple j unearthed where you can download 3 mp3's of their funky tunes. 
i'm wanting the EP in CD version, so i'll be checking out stores this weekend, hopefully Red Eye Records, if i have the time.
while you're at it snoop around on triple j unearthed for the RAPIDS, my fellow Sydney-siders [[although i feel underaged+inadequate to call them anything more closely related to a band i'm really enjoying]]

toodles, and enjoy!


Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

this is a sound everyone should love to hear!


Athena. said...

Oh, listening now.
You are inspiring. xxx

Klara - Bernadette said...

love the song and just love your blog. we're gonna follow you now. if you like, check out our blog, too:)
xoxo kb

Klara - Bernadette said...

so thanks alot;)
where you from?:*

BM said...

hello, thank you for your sweet comment :)

you have an inspiring blog.

can we follow each other?