Friday, November 26, 2010

the trials and tribulations of prancing around.

 so this is in fact an outfit post. but of multiple outfits.
with the same pair of pants. 
i had a lot of spare time [[not really]] to kill today. actually, i just wanted to avoid practicing for my piano exam tomorrow. and my chinese exam. 
hope you enjoy the semi-sunlit photos. unfortunately, just as i got home the clouds came across and it was slightly overcast... so my photos are sadly not completely sun drenched.
i should go frolicking about my garden more often!


 now what is going on here?
 a little uppity?

 my my, the grass looks lush.

all my pretty sheers on the line...

so above is...
1*russh clothing drawstring jacket
2*thrifted blue polka dot blouse
3*russh clothing sheer white shirt
4*junk clothing lace up tank top
5*junk clothing vest
6*uscari simple tank
7*basic ribbed black tank top
8*thrifted white knit [[it's now got a hole in it...]]
9*black pants from father [[like jeggings, only... not]]
10*white converse chuck taylors low
1*tony bianco nemesis in stone chicago

toodles, happy weekend, all!

sorry about my overgrown jungle of a garden... the mower has broken down... 


ana said...

I love your photos!! I like your outfits, and I love the converse...happy weekend for you too.
Kisses from Spain!

Oh,Wunder! said...

hey i really like your blog!!!!!
do you want to fillow each other??
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minnja said...

soooo lovely :)))))


BlueVanilla said...

Haha great photos! I find it amusing your not busting up laughing in most of them...good work!

Mode.Karussell said...

the first Shoes your are wearing are amazing! Where did you buy it?

jane said...

Cool pictures, they give me inspiration.. Nice!

Catherine * The Spring said...

The laundry line is SUCH a cool way to display your clothes... love the style!
- Catherine at The Spring

Fernanda Azaria said...

I simply love the shoes in this whole post, plainly uber fabulous.

Cylia said...

love the random pictures!