Friday, January 14, 2011

the first time in a while.

it's been a seriously long time since i've bought anything. 
i went into dangerfield yesterday, and got myself a floral bodysuit for just $20, and the cutest socks for just $2.40. you'll be seeing me wear these everywhere! they're perfect for the weather right now, which to be honest, is a bit spastic.
and just on the weather note, best hopes for those in queensland whose lives have been taken over by the floods.
i want to go to the beach so badly today, but i have to work. oh well, i've got some other things i want to get in mind, and there's a minkpink sale coming up, with other brands such as somedays lovin', and evil twin. i'm excited!
 ring from the markets.
 market ring, self made ring, market ring.
 rings + cross ring, chain i made, floral socks, and 3 small canvases set for an awesome new project.



oh and look out for a blog revamp soon.


tes yeux said...

ahhh, so pretty. any tips for the hottest 100 this year? i'm missing the whole gosh darn show. who will win? tell me. who? also, the crucifix ring is kind of like wow. and also the pretty floral. and also how did you manage to make that ring? is spunk, is sex. et cetera.

i wonder, is it raining in sydney, too?

Anonymous said...

wow awesome!

Indigo said...

oh i really want one of those cross rings! super cute! I can't believe you made some of that jewellery yourself, so clever! I've bought way to many clothes recently! X

Anna said...

I love everything you got :) Those rings are beyond lovely x

GK said...

i really love the pattern! and it all looks so great together :)

Jessica Louise said...

WOW love the rings !!! :)