Friday, January 21, 2011

sweet summer livin'.

© Rena Zheng - it's made of hardened, layered sand. broke almost immediately.

my holidays are almost over.
i have about a week left.
i'm going to do everything this week. 
but here's a playlist i needed to share with you all. 
it's for sweet summer livin'.

1*wild horses-the rolling stones
2*waterloo sunset-the kinks
3*angie-the rolling stones
4*just like heaven-the cure
5*sad rude future dude-ball park music
6*sunny afternoon-the kinks
7*all summer long-the beach boys [[t-shirts, cutoffs and a pair of thongs]]
8*beautiful world-carolina liar
9*chasing the wind-this providence
10*cry to me-the rolling stones



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