Saturday, January 8, 2011

in the depths of the australian desert.

not at night, but at 4.30 in the morning, just as the sun was about to rise.

i went on a photography trip 1200 km away from my lovely home in sydney, out to mungo national park + surrounding areas. here's the first lot of photos.
working with professional photographers is not only inspiring but a little embarassing. nevertheless it was a learning experience and i'm hoping to get even further these holidays. 
this place is where you go to find complete isolation. no internet. no reception. and no way out unless you drive 150km +.

 it's all sand, and with a little force, it can be broken.
when one afternoon, i decided to stay at the homestead completely alone, i wandered into the abandoned woolshed, and had a little taste of complete + total isolation.
 shadowplay. [[joy division]]
my converse footprints.
australia shaped pancakes. 
yet to be colour-corrected.
old woolshed.



hope everyone is having themselves a lovely new year! there are scarce photos of me that i have yet to be emailed, i was too caught up with taking pictures of the landscape, and i never realised it was so damn difficult.


Klara - Bernadette said...

did you take these photos?
they're great!xoxo k

A said...

fantastic photos! xx

Kelly said...

That first photo is magnificent! You have a wonderful gift.