Thursday, January 20, 2011

live with me. - rolling stones.

this is a somewhat good description of me. not entirely. and what's with the black dot in the corner of my photos?! i need to get that fixed. sorry about the random yellow lighting of this photo, i'm a bit too tired to edit it.

went to see the green hornet today, it was pretty good.
the one thing i enjoyed most was the playing of jay chou's song at the end credits - now hear me out, i am not one to listen to asian pop, but i do know for one fact the song is called 'nunchucks' - very relevant to the movie. and the fact that my cousin showed it to me when i was 10 years old brings back good memories. i shocked my friends as i was singing along to it. comical, i'd say.
so i give this movie... 4.5 stars. 
harry modelling the 3D glasses.

i enjoyed the action, however some parts of it were seriously overdone. if you see, you'll understand.
ironically enough, that's what i also enjoy about films like these.
however, there was a lot more comedy than i had expected, but the script having been written by leading actor seth rogen, it was to be expected. 
bunch of 3D glasses (:

anywho, here are some sweet photos i took. the lighting in teascapes cafe was awesome - though i didn't manage to shoot the whole place down. [[i joke, i just love my crime films]]. it was perfect, in all its music memorabilia filled awesomeness.
oh, and also, the post title is a song in reference to the rolling stones song played in the movie.
oh and if you're wondering why i'm suddenly using -> (:, it's because smiley faces looked ugly with my previous italic font.
my $4 dollar shake. it came in a smaller glass than everyone else's, dubbed a woman shake. how awfully sexist.
how it makes summer look glorious (:
i didn't have much time to snap any good ones, just really quick.



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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, specially the one with all the photos in the bar...really cute
I´m looking forward to seeing the movie!