Saturday, January 15, 2011

check it out!

i've created a new blog!
fueled by my love for salvador dali, it's going to be a public forum where everyone can write to 

here's a little looksie, for the blog itself head to:

yes, the header took just about ages to make. i'm not sure though, might change it soon.
hoping all you guys can follow me at my new blog. there won't be any pictures of me, just my photography. i've been jumping at the opportunity to do this, but never found the time.
i'm much more creative at night.
oh, and, it's also because not only am i fuelled by love for salvador dali, i'm also awake since i had an affogato at 11.30 pm. not so smart.


to send your letter to salvador, please please email me at



sbot said...

Love Salvador Dali!


Indigo said...

i love the header. it's beautiful. Of course I will check it out! xx

Anonymous said...

I love Salvador Dali, and this header is really cool !

Elly said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! yours is amazing! feeling so inspired by it right now!
And your new blog looks amazing too!
Following both :)

Christina said...

your blog is amazing! i am so happy i found it x

JNFRTANG said...

Hello Rena,

You've asked me earlier if I could teach you how to use illustrator but sadly I have not perfected the program yet so it would be rather naive for me to teach you when I still have difficulty using it. Sorry to disappoint you!

PS. You have a very lovely blog!

Francesca said...

keep that header it's freakin' awesome

F. ( x