Friday, May 6, 2011

bluesfestivities, part 2.

by the far the coolest ash tray ever. ash bucket.
so i've had some horrific accident involving a guest account + photos being deleted.
therefore i've only managed to salvage a total of 45 usable photos from my trip up north. 
up the shore, that is. so here are a few more to share, and after part 3 i've got some fashion-related things i'll share, since i haven't done that in a while, have i?

as night fell on byron...
bokeh love. (:
 i like the elephant.

more awesome photos on their way.

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J.M. said...

Love your shorts a few posts down! I've been removing pyramid spikes from an old belt and making bracelets. Maybe I'll put some on a pair of shorts too.

Thanks for the complements on my haniwork. I buy bags of scrap leather from either Michael's Arts and Crafts or A.C. Moore. You can get a considerable amount for five or six dollars. Just squish the bag to make sure the leather is really soft. Hope that helps!


WC said...

Hey do you take your own photos? If so, what kind of camera do you have? I think that your style is pretty cute. You need to get a better camera and maybe take an intro to photo class! That sounded rude but I meant it in the most sincerely friendly way!! You'd get a shitload of more subscribers! The fashion blogs with the most notice are the ones of the girls or guys who either have someone who's an amazing photographer follow them around or have learned enough about cameras to take great self portraits. I think the first would be better than the latter but either is better then slightly blurry shots and no depth of field :) If I was in Australia I'd be your fashion photographer for you haha but unfortunately... anyways, sick blog! Keep at it!