Wednesday, May 18, 2011

boom boom room.

 this is the meaning of my life: jason statham, action hero. christian louboutin, shoe hero.
and above all, red. oh and fame, of course.
 micky rourke you timeless bastard. no seriously, you're less of a villain with a beer belly.
sorry to break it to you.
 wouldn't mind being a girl skrillex.
 it probably sounds stupid, but i love kristen stewart.
not her acting, oh no.
but the way she could turn up to a met gala after-party like this. love. schwing.
outfit is the way to go.
i mean can you imagine being famous, in the limelight, and still being able to wear this?
now i'm gonna need to lose some weight to wear boyfriend jeans...
this boy is really cool. i like him.

thought i'd share with you my thoughts on the rich [oh, and creative] and famous... is all.


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outtaspace said...

<3 we share interests haha rich people ;d