Tuesday, November 2, 2010

it's november?

it means something to me, at least. arizona...photo off google
1. holy shemozzles, it's november.
2. holy shemozzles, my exams are next week.
3. holy shemozzles, it's time to get everything up to date

i need a life planner. stressing out and realising i'm not doing enough. i wrote a story in english today that may/may not see me to the counsellor. it was random, and i didn't feel like writing much... it was 1.5 pages and completely experimental... we'll see.

here's a 5-song-playlist that kind of explains what i'm thinking/feeling right about now...

1*screw the man-the jerk offs [rebellious]
2*lounge act-nirvana [thinking about stuff that's happening with the love]
3*champagne supernova-oasis [i need to start looking at the bigger picture]
4*compulsion-the spirits [need to prioritise and set things straight, everything's really 
overwhelming at the moment]
5*don't change-INXS [why can't everything be the way it was...?]



thisgirlbeck said...

ahhhhh.... November already? geez...


Olive and Mango said...

just felt like letting you know that i love your blog! :)
and good luck with the exams xx


Anonymous said...

Yes, November! it came so soon, my exams are comming up aswell. :O

good luck for yours dear.

-marta said...

good luck on your exams! Mine are coming up too, I'm beyond stressed :(