Thursday, September 30, 2010

oh how it flies.

so i know for the month of september i haven't posted much at all.
i was planning to have about 5 more posts than usual...
how shall i compensate for lost time?
i'm thinking i make an effort to get a few more outfit posts together.
exciting news is that there are a fair few band interviews coming through, so that should be awesome.
i'm also going to get all of my film developed, which should be exciting, or so i hope.
i'm feeling a bit anxious at the moment, and a bit empty inside without him around, but that's ok.
i had an awesome day at the beach for a friend's birthday, a bit tiring but i'm thinking i definitely want to head down there again sometime soon.
i know for everyone in the northern hemisphere fall's just drawn an end to it's first month, and lucky us, we're finally starting to feel the heat again.
it's quite daunting knowing that the first month of spring has just gone by. i suppose it's been 4 weeks [[and when you put it in weeks it seems so insignificant]], but i guess it's been one full of accomplishment for me.

how's everyone's septembers been?


i'm slowly running out of candid photos of life in general to post on the blog, so i think it's time to get out and do a bit of hardcore photography. whatever that may be. i tried taking photos like tommy ton does, but i just look like some creepy stalkerish kid. the funny thing is i'll never be pleased with a photo so i'll stalk the shoes/bag/jacket/band tee down the street, like prey, and subsequently realise what on earth i'm doing, and walk back the way i came.

so i'm hoping these art camp candids aren't too cliched, especially the final one. it was a stroke of luck i managed to find that on the window of the house in the first picture, and i'm not even sure how it got there. and i've always loved those trees, i want to go back and take more photos, but i'm thinking a repeat of the same thing won't have the same effect.



Dylana Suarez said...

Lovely pics!

Just came across your blog!

Pachi Sánchez said...

Beautifull colors and cool pictures!
Thanks for sharing your ideas.
Regards from my utopia blog :)

rachel kara said...

so lovely. your blog is clear and warm and peaceful :)