Monday, February 7, 2011

childhood memoirs.

1*cross ring
2*gold medallion ring-lovisa jewelry
3*deer ring-lovisa jewelry [[present from catherine]]
4*claw ring-lovisa jewelry.
no joke - lovisa has nice rings.
life as i know it. 
a present from mother a few years back.
after taking a picture of my tea... i painfully spilt it all over my art diary, which i had put on top of my 
11 year old hi-fi stereo. almost had a heart attack when i thought it was broken - a lot of static noise coming from the speakers. this baby sings me to bed at night. i promptly began to attack it with a hairdryer. all good. 
paper clay mini-thing i made + drew on as procrastination. 
it was during the summer holidays! it wasn't procrastination, just boredom, then.
claw ring.
^                        somebody teach me how to get rid of that little black smudge in the corner.
my new rug. tree of life.

© Rena Zheng.



1 comment:

BlueVanilla said...

Great photos! Dust in the lens :( boo...had that happen once it needed cleaned.

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