Monday, February 21, 2011

chillax the f*ck out.

excuse the profanity - i'm barely at a state of semi-consciousness but my delusional self decided to make a midnight playlist. oh and i'm eating hormonal green grapes.
i.e. they're just really big. 


songs to chillax to:
N.B. lots of floyd.
*insert floyd joke* ^wish i were here^
1*coming back to life-pink floyd
2*good times gonna come-aqualung
3*no one's gonna love you-band of horses
4*bella-angus and julia stone
5*breathe-pink floyd
6*blind willie mctell-bob dylan
7*island in the sun-weezer
8*on the turning away-pink floyd
9*nice dream-radiohead
10*champagne supernova-oasis
11*us + them-pink floyd
12*the tale of dusty + pistol pete-the smashing pumpkins
13*patience-guns n' roses
14*soldier's poem-muse
15*the man who sold the world-david bowie/nirvana.



and happy birthday to mr. kurt cobain for a short 2 day' ago. you will be forever missed.

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