Tuesday, February 1, 2011

unrequited love.

here's a little playlist for unrequited love.

1*willing to wait-sebadoh
2*your song-kate walsh
3*the glass parade-the cary brothers
4*roadside-rise against
5*strange + beautiful[i'll put a spell on you]-aqualung
6*your guardian angel-red jumpsuit apparatus
7*extra ordinary thing-aqualung
8*skyway-the replacements
9*exit music[for a film]-radiohead
10*breaking my heart-aqualung.

happy february, all!

by the way, notice the irregularity - i always have blog posts by month in multiples of 5... i stuffed up, this didn't post quickly enough so january/february will be a bit haywire.
oh well.

school starts for me tomorrow! :O
but i thought summer was never going to end... shame.




cats said...

lovely blog!!!!!


Marella said...

Hi dear! Your blog is amazing, so inspiring! Follow! Follow back? <3

Zinta and Sylvia said...

I want your shorts.
xx Zinta

Mila said...

Will you help me? Tell me that I have to buy shoes.