Sunday, February 27, 2011

band: radiohead: the king of limbs.

so most of you will know about radiohead's muchly anticipated new albums, 'The King Of Limbs'
true to the thesis of the album, 
the first video released was 'Lotus Flower'

as usual is thom yorke's captivating vocals, relaxing yet somewhat disturbed and enhanced by johnny greenwood's experimental sounds. [no, we don't see him here, but there is no doubt he is a major force behind this genius]. and it's not thom yorke who is controlling the music here - it's almost as if the music has him in a trance. i can't even begin to imagine how he can create such a mysterious, thrilling sound.
i can say that the video however, does divert me from listening to the music, but then again, i'm still waiting on the physical album to come out so i can snap it up at my local JB Hifi. or Red Eye Records. whatever it may be, i'm excited.
and while we're at it, with radiohead entering the digital age, they had to do it in all their radiohead glory and take on a surprise release - one day early. oh how you delight us.
so though it may not be a conventional dance, and he does look somewhat epileptic and even close to ian curtis [of joy division, whom we know committed suicide at the age of 23, and prior to that had complications due to his epilepsy]. mind you i have a soft spot for the man, he shares my birthday.
however, it is radiohead, and it is experimental. it's modern art. i'll leave it at that.

and while we're on the case of birthdays, on the 19th of february it was mr. kurt cobain's birthday. just letting everybody know again.



sorry for the rambling, i'm a diehard fan and you know how they can be (:

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Jennifer said...

I'm a huge radiohead fan as well!
I really loved the new album. Codex is my favorite right now.
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